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Artists For Conservation Flag Expeditions Flag

This is the 7th Flag Expedition, with sculptor Terry Woodall travelling to Lake Baikal in Russia to observe and record the rare Baikal Seal in its habitat.He hopes to support conservation efforts through fundraising and education both inside and outside Russia.
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Terry WoodallTerry Woodall   AFC Terry Woodall
Interpretive and Abstract Wood Sculpture
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Hawaiian Monk Seals Artistic Field Study
At the end of this March, Terry will embark on an in depth artistic field study of the rare and endangered Hawaiian Monk Seals on the island of Kauai and surrounding shoals.

Stanford University Blog Site
http://mahb.stanford. edu/blog/webcams-on-wildlife/

"Webcams on Wildlife" by Terry Woodall, an article partly inspired by his 2008 artistic field study to Lake Baikal, Russia that was sponsored by the Artist for Conservation Foundation can be viewed on the Stanford University MAHB blog site.

Best in Show, AFC Art Exhibition
A driftwood sculpture of two herons, “Matters of the Heart”, was honored with the “Best in Show” award at the 8th Annual Artists for Conservation International Exhibit of Nature Art in Vancouver, British Columbia. Artist Terry Woodall was also presented with a Medal of Excellence Award at the gala opening night of September 10, 2015, at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Ocean Sun & Lolita, "Together Again"
Ocean Sun [background whale] has an unusual saddle patch, while Lolita [foreground whale] has a small cleft at the forward end of her eye patch. This rendition of two specific whales was created for fundraising events for the Orca Network, located on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Wynwood Walls Summer Exhibition
Continuing art exhibition sponsored by the Center for the Great Apes in the Wynwood art district of Miami includes Terry Woodall as a featured artist. Terry's works hang to the left in the gallery photo. Paintings by Bubbles, the chimp, formerly owned by Michael Jackson, are displayed to the left of the MJ portrait.

Art Exhibiting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"Watersports", a free form myrtlewood sculpture of sea lions, is part of the first AFC marine art exhibit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Nova Southeastern University's Alvin Sherman Gallery will host AFC's touring exhibit from May 16 through June 16, 2014, with a selection of art from AFC 2013 exhibition in Vancouver, B.C., plus artwork from the AFC marine explorers program.

New Art Debuts at Miami Art Basel Week
An art exhibition coinciding with Art Basel Miami includes "Climber" [pictured] which is part of a new line of art work by Terry Woodall.

Art of Conservation Exhibition and Festival
Terry's life size seal sculpture is admired by a visitor at the 5th Annual Art of Conservation exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. The Autumn event took place 4000' above Vancouver in the Grouse Mountain Resort, where Terry presented a lecture in the "Theater in the Sky" on the world's only freshwater seals. Terry was awarded a fellowship for an artistic field study of the seals in Lake Baikal, Russia, in 2008, and has completed a series of sculptural works depicting the animals since then.

Artwork Presented at Sister City Event
Eugene, Oregon Mayor Kitty Piercy presents a Terry Woodall salmon sculpture to Mayor Victor Kondrashov of Irkutsk, Russia, at a Sister City gala event as Sister City President Galina Groza and Artist Terry Woodall look on.

Artists for Conservation Art Festival
Terry Woodall presents his lecture on the world's only freshwater seals of Lake Baikal, Russia, at the Artists for Conservation art exhibition and festival, Vancouver, B.C., November 2011.

Bennington Center of the Arts Purchase Award
Terry's work "Orcas! Orcas!" was exhibited in the "Art and the Animal Kingdom XVI" exhibition at the Bennington Center of the Arts, Bennington, Vermont, and subsequently purchased for their permanent collection.

Salmon Gone Wild
Installation now complete--commissioned wall mural of salmon swimming in kelp bed carved in Oregon Myrtlewood.

Terry Woodall presents Nerpa Sculpture at TBI Event
The Tahoe-Baikal Institute of South Lake Tahoe, California, hosted Terry Woodall and his art of Lake Baikal at their 20th annual fund raising event on July 2, 2010.
Photo: Terry with Jerry Goodman [far right], proud new owner of a nerpa sculpture, and Goodman's daughter, TBI board member Darcie Collins PhD.

Sea Lion Caves
Terry Woodall teams up with the Sea Lion Caves by creating works highlighting Steller Sea Lions to help draw attention to their status in the natural world, and to promote the rich heritage of sea life evident at the cave site.

Orcas Make Appearance at Wildlife Art Event
The Fort Worden Wildlife Art Exposition highlights a specific animal for each show, and featured the orca for the 5th annual, which included a large orca sculpture by Terry Woodall gracing the foyer of the exhibit hall. Early on the opening day of the exhibit, orca pods appeared and could be seen from the bluff adjoining the exhibit hall.

Second Annual Art of Conservation Exhibition
"The Sentinel", the first bronze sculpture inspired by Terry Woodall's flag expedition study of the Baikal Seals of Russia, was selected for the AFC second annual "Art of Conservation" exhibition at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum. Terry also gave a slide show presentation of the flag expedition at the opening night event of the wildlife art exhibition.

Sea Life Salt Free Bonneville to Baikal
An exhibition of sea life sculpture by Terry Woodall and paintings by Shelley Hershberger showed at the White Sturgeon Gallery located in the Water Resources Education Center overlooking the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, in the summer of 2009. This was the first exhibition of artwork inspired by the 7th AFC Flag Expedition, "The Freshwater Seals of Lake Baikal".

Art of the Animal XIV
"Skimming the Waves" by Terry Woodall was selected by the Bennington Center for the Arts for their "Art of the Animal XIV" exhibition, showing through July 26, 2009.

Irkutsk Nature Museum
The Irkutsk Nature Museum of Irkutsk, Russia hosted an art exhibit of Terry Woodall's work titled "Gift to Lake Baikal" based on his artistic field study of the Baikal Seals, the 7th AFC Flag Expedition. Terry is shown presenting a sculpture of seals to Museum Director Olga Elina.

Honored Sculptor Award
The San Bernardino County Museum awarded Terry Woodall the Honored 3 - Dimensional Artist Award at their 2008 Wildlife Art Festival.

Steller Moment
"Steller Moment" by Terry Woodall was selected by the Wildling Art Museum for their "Endangered Species; Flora and Fauna in Peril" exhibition and national tour, opening June 22, 2008 in Los Olivos, California, and showing at the Department of Interior Museum in Washington, DC through May 16, 2009.

Best in Show
The Mendocino Art Center awarded "Surfing the School" by Terry Woodall "The Best in Show" award for their Fifth Annual Marine Wildlife Exhibit. The show runs February 27 through March 29, at the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, California.

Portland Art Museum Event
Portland General Electric representatives pose with "Myrtlewood Migration" by Artist Terry Woodall [center] before it is placed in their Portland World Trade Center location.

Whirlpool Companion
"Whirlpool Companion" by Terry Woodall was selected for the Society of Animal Artists first "Small Works -Big Impressions" miniatures show to be held Nov. 17 through Jan. 1, 2008, at the Wildlife Experience Museum in Parker, Colorado.

Salmon for the Sandy
Two artist renditions by Terry Woodall were selected for the "Salmon for the Sandy" art event benefiting salmon recovery and protection projects. Sponsored by the Western Rivers Conservancy, the project resulted in the removal of dams on the Sandy River near Portland, Oregon, restoring historical runs of native salmon and steelhead.

Silver Medal Award San Dimas Western Art Exhibition
"Gladiator of the Glade" by Terry Woodall was awarded the silver medal for sculpture at the 2007 San Dimas Western Art Exhbition, San Dimas, California. The piece depicts a Bull Elk in a forest setting of natural wood forms, entirely carved from a single myrtlewood segment.

Inform Art Magazine
Feature Story on Terry Woodall, Inform Art Magazine's 2007 Annual Guide.

Myrtlewood Oregons Tropical Hardwood
DVD documentary on Oregon Myrtlewood, Makai Ohana Productions, 2006.
Terry Woodall is interviewed on his knowledge of this famous hardwood and why it is his favorite medium for wildlife sculptures.

Wildlife Art Magazine
Terry Woodall describes his hands-on salmon run restoration efforts and the wood sculpture he creates honoring this icon of the Northwest in the "Nature's Way" column of Wildlife Art Magazine, Sept-Oct 2006 issue.

Wildscape Magazine
The premier wildlife art magazine of Great Britain includes a photo feature on the art of Terry Woodall in an article titled "Seeing Things in the Wood", June 2009 issue.


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