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Mark HallettMark Hallett   AFC, SAA Mark Hallett
paleontological art
Since 1974, Mark Hallett has expressed his passion for prehistoric creatures and ancient worlds by specializing as a paleoartist, a term coined for an illustrator who researches and recreates the life of the past. Inspired by Charles R. Knight and other great artists, he has continued to draw, paint, sculpt and conduct research into how ancient life forms may have looked and behaved for a wide variety of American and Foreign publications.

His work has appeared in Life, Smithsonian, Natural History and National Geographic as well as scientific journals and popular books. In 1986 his paintings toured museums in the United States, Britain, Europe, Japan and Australia, among them the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History and the American Museum of Natural History. Some of these exhibits in turn opened other doors: Mark was chosen as artist consultant by Steven Spielberg to help create the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, and later created many of the scenes and leading dinosaur characters for Disney Features' epic film, Dinosaur!

Now a resident of Dallas, Oregon, Mark loves the inspiration that living in his home provides. As an artist, author and naturalist, Mark reflects:

My greatest desire is to excite the imagination and sense of wonder we all have about the natural world, and about the fascinating creatures and worlds that exist now and in the past. The magic of Earth's living things and the Universe beyond waits for us all to discover as children and adults, and we can never know when that certain image or turn of phrase we see or read will change our way of looking at the World forever. If my art and writing can contribute to that, I will feel great happiness and fulfillment.

Support for Conservation:
2008: Collaboration with Small Cat Conservation Alliance (SCCA) and Jim Sanderson, Phd to create portrait of Andean Cat as ltd. edition print to aid field work/habitat conservation; 2005: Contribution of art, in cooperation with the Woodstock International School, India, to promote support for the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and Indian Wildlife; 1971: Fund raising and public awareness lectures to achieve passage of federal Endangered Species Act.
Special Achievements:
  • 2002 - John J. Lanzendorf Paleoart Prize, 2-Dimensional Art
    The Lanzendorf Prize is awarded annually for what the Awards Committee of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology considers the most outstanding life restoration of a fossil vertebratecreated during that year. Mark was awarded this at the Oklahoma 2002 SVP for his depiction of the Pliocene canid Epicyon for the 1/02 National Geographic article, "From Wolf to Woof".
  • 1994 - The John Burroughs List of Nature Books for Young Readers
    The John Burroughs Association at the American Museum of Natural History awarded a commendation to author J.L. Gillette, illustrator Mark Hallett and publisher Dial Books for THE SEARCH FOR SEISMOSAURUS as a 1994 outstanding nature book for children.
  • 1987 - Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Foundation
    "Crossing the Flats", depicting the sauropod dinosaur Mamenchisaurus, painted for the LACM's first traveling exhibit; "Trapped In Time", portraying the late Ice Age animals and environment of Southern California and on permanent exhibit at the Page Museum; "Osteodontornis", a reconstruction of a Miocene marine bird. Paintings were aquired in 1972, 1986 and 1987 as permanent additions to the Foundation's collection of paleontological art.

  • "Why Did Dinosaurs Grow So Big?" (2004)
    Illustrator - 
    Published by: Scientific American
  • "Flesh and Bone" (2003)
    Illustrator - Restorations of dinosaurs and paleomammals
    Published by: National Geographic
  • "Ice Age Mammoth" (2002)
    Illustrator - 
    Author: Barbara Hehner
    Published by: Crescent Books
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