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Mark HallettMark Hallett   AFC, SAA Mark Hallett
paleontological art

Prehistoric Times Cover
The fall #123 issue of Prehistoric Times featured an excerpted chapter about titanosaurs from Mark and his coauthor Mathew J. Wedel's 2016 book, SAUROPODS: Life in the Age of Giants.

Paleo Books in Progress
Mark is at work on two popular new books for Columbia University Press, one about fossil and living horses and the other about big cat origins.

New Sauropod Dinosaur Book
Mark's newest book, The Sauropod Dinosaurs: Life in the Age of Giants, written with coauthor Mathew J. Wedel, has recently been published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Dinosaurs Take Flight
"Dinosaurs Take Flight: The Art of Archaeopteryx", featuring the paleoart of the dinosaur-bird Archaeopteryx by Mark and other artists, is scheduled to begin a national and world-wide tour beginning 2015 and lasting until 2022.

Mammoths In America!
Mark's illustration of an entrapped Columbian Mammoth appears on page 38 in the current month's issue (April 2010) of SMITHSONIAN in Richard Conniff's article, "All-American Monsters". Mark has had extensive experience working with mammoth experts such as Dr. Larry Agenbroad in reconstructing these fascinating giants, which are exhibited at the Hot Springs Mammoth Site, SD, and a new traveling display at Chicago's Field Museum.

Treasures of the Altiplano
Treasures of the Altiplano (detail), a portrait of the Andean Cat

Mark Lecturing on Paleoart at Idaho State Museum
Mark is often invited as a guest speaker during events relating to exhibitions of paleoart.

Restoration of Sabertoothed Cat Head
During the recent Sabertoothed Carnivore Symposium held at Idaho State University, Mark demonstrated the way a museum technician restores the life appearance of a prehistoric animal, in this case the dirktooth cat Smilodon shown here with its skull.

Tiger Origins
As well known as tigers are, their origins are obscure. With the help of local residents "Sascha" and "Czar", Mark has begun a study to determine how and where tigers may have evolved.

Tiger Origins
Sadly at least three of the known tiger subspecies, the Caspian, Javan and Balinese, are now extinct, but head characteristics of these and the still living (but endangered) remaining races such as Siberian tigers are important factors in determining relationships.

Pantherine Evolution
Mark compares the fossil skull of an extinct big cat with that of a Siberian tiger and other anatomical references to understand pantherine evolution, in preparation for a forthcoming article he has written and illustrated for the magazine, "Prehistoric Times".

Wild Cats- New Book
WILD CATS-- PAST AND PRESENT. A new book illustrated by Mark Hallett and written by John Becker.

Andean Cat Project
Late last year, Mark began working with Dr. Jim Sanderson (Wildlife Conservation Network, Small Cat Conservation Alliance) to create a portrait of the endangered Andean Cat that will result in a limited edition print or poster series to aid in habitat conservation. A 2008 new book, WILD CATS, features the art and photography of Mark and Dr. Sanderson.

Dr. Jim Sanderson
Dr. Jim Sanderson, Ph.d. (Fellow, Wildlife Conservation Network/Small Cat Conservation Alliance/IUCN Cat Specialist Group). Photo c 2008 Jim Sanderson.


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