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Pat LatasPat Latas   DVM, MS, BS Pat Latas
natural history illustration, paleontology, botany
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As I write this, I am looking out across the Foveaux Straights, on the far
south of the Te Waipaunamu (South Island) of New Zealand, whilst sitting in
the kakapo rearing facility on Whenua Hou/Codfish Island. It is cold and
windy, the sea choppy with whitecaps. Freezing on the outside but warm in
the heart.

I am privileged to represent Artists for Conservation, on the 14th Flag
Expedition, documenting the heroic efforts of the Kakapo team. There are two
large chicks, grunting like piglets and begging for food as I write. There
are also three more in nests under the care of their mothers, and one chick
from another island sanctuary is in the Auckland Zoo for treatment and hand
feeding. The addition of six chicks to the population is a 5% increase. It
is an honor to be allowed to observe the operation of the Kakapo Team, and a
heart-piercing experience to watch the tiny chicks grow from cotton balls to
fuzzy, squishy bowling balls in a matter of days. And thanks to the Artists
for Conservation, I am here to witness and record this huge effort.

In 2011, I was selected to be a volunteer as a nest minder with the New
Zealand Department of Conservation Kakapo Recovery Team. Shortly thereafter,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the next many months were spent in
treatment. The wonderful memories of the kakapo and the many fortunate
opportunities I have had to participate in conservation with my art around
the world has kept me going and hopeful. I vowed, that if I survived, I
would return to the kakapo what they had given to me: hope for the future.

Illustration of the natural world has been my passion since I can remember.
'Drawing pictures' has been an integral part of my life, and my excuse for
many adventures. I have had the privilege to travel to many parts of the
world and illustrate members of diverse environments. Nature never ceases to
be a source of wonder and inspiration. My love for birds is a primary
inspiration, as a "bird doctor" veterinarian, and as an artist. Birds are my
first love, but I will try to illustrate almost anything, from molecules to
volcanos. Other personal favorites include crabs, especially the terrestrial
species; insects, slugs and snails, sea horses, the weird, tiny and strange.


Latest Artwork
Kakapo Chick  - kakapo chick by Pat Latas (2) Click to view a larger image. Kakapo Chick   (2014)
kakapo chick
6 x 8
Riflemen family - New Zealand's tiny Riflemen! by Pat Latas (2) Click to view a larger image. Riflemen family  (2013)
New Zealand's tiny Riflemen!
14 x 11
Colored pencil

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