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Pat LatasPat Latas   DVM, MS, BS Pat Latas
natural history illustration, paleontology, botany
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Brief Biographical Notes: Patricia J. Latas DVM MS BS

My fate was sealed when evil cousins shredded my favorite stuffed animals. After meticulous stitching, bandaging, and hours of care for my stuffed friends, I knew that I had to be a vet when I grew up. I was 5 years old. Thus followed years of toads, box turtles, baby sparrows, one-legged crows, family dogs, strays, science fair hamsters, and biology.

Somewhere along the way, my path diverged a bit into grassland ecology, and I wound up with a BS in botany and MS in biology; and after an exciting career as an artist, I returned to my childhood dream at age 29, and entered vet school at Oregon State.
Being too short-armed to follow a dairy career, I decided to concentrate many of my externships on zoo and exotic practices. I started my veterinary life as a generalist, but in San Francisco, it is possible to become an exotic vet and still see ordinary patients.

It was a gift, a scrawny little Hooded Lovebird, that changed my life. She captivated my heart and my interest in avian medicine. Previous field experience with reptiles and fish along with my new enthusiasm for birds eventually landed me my own practice.

After a number of years, I left my practice in good hands and went back to school. This time around, I gained a certificate in Science Illustration. I learned valuable skills that have been indispensable to my veterinary career. Computer literacy, graphics and animation have supplemented my income as well as spicing up lectures and training sessions.

At present I am consultant for Awe Pono Avian Health. I was veterinarian for the Arizona Bird Care, the only facility in the state that caters solely to avian species. We cared for everything from hummingbirds to ostriches, and all the ducks, parrots, finches, doves and chickens between.I have served as an in-house veterinarian for a huge animal shelter, and as staff veterinarian for a large wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and exotic animal sanctuary facility. I have been active in psittacine conservation and rescue issues for many years. I worked as a dotcom animation artist and have sold coffee beans. I have volunteered for
several wildlife, rescue, and shelter institutions, and donate artwork to a number of conservation organizations.

Illustration of the natural world has been my passion since I can remember. “Drawing pictures” has been an integral part of my life, and my excuse for many adventures. I have had the privilege to travel to many parts of the world and illustrate members of diverse environments. Nature never ceases to be a source of wonder and inspiration.

2011 was a landmark for me. I was selected to be a volunteer with the New Zealand Department of Conservation Kakapo Recovery Team, and as a nest minder, was able to observe these remarkable birds from age egg to 90 years; and to participate in the immense conservation effort to preserve this critically endangered species, their habitat, and the organisms dependent on pristine New Zealand forest. Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the next many months were spent in treatment. The wonderful memories of the kakapo and the many fortunate opportunities I have had to participate in conservation with my art around the world has kept me going and hopeful. Planning future art projects and collaborations gives me a future, and a great gratitude and appreciation of our precious world.

I am in recovery now. My artwork and donations to conservation efforts around the world keep me happy and productive.

Support for Conservation:

I provide the artwork for the annual t-shirt of the Conservation Committee of the Association of Avian Veterinarians

My art provides donations for the Kakapo Recovey Programme, Friends of the Western Ground Parrot, Association of Zoo Veterinarians Scholarship Fund, Friends of Madera Canyon, Grand Canyon NP (North Rim), Petrified Forest NP, World Parrot Trust, and others.
Special Achievements:
  • 2014 - The case of the missing beak:Kati the Kea
    Veterinary/anatomical illustration of the missing beak of an immature kea parrot
  • 2014 - AFC 14th Flag Expedition
    Illustration of the recovery efforts and birds of the Kakapo Recovery and Whenua Hou Island
  • 2013 - GNSI Annual Exhibit
    Kakapo Anatomy
  • 2013 - Colored Pencil on Drafting Film "how to"
    Colored Pencil Society Magazine
  • 2012 - Rainbow Bee-eaters
    GNSI annual exhibit
  • 2012 - Rainbow Bee-eaters
    AFC annual exhibit
  • 2010 - Artist in Residence North Rim Grand Canyon National Park
    illustrations for informational brochure
  • 2010 - Artist in Residence Petrified Forest National Park
    illustrations and reconstructions of fossil animals
  • 2008 - Focus on Nature X New York State Museum 2008 PURCHASE AWARD
    Mandarin Fish
  • 2001 - 2nd Prize, International Dinosaur Illustration Competition, Museu da Lourinha 2001

    2nd Prize, International Dinosaur Illustration Competition, Museu da Lourinha 2001
  • 2001 - Honorable Mention, International Dinosaur Competition, Museu da Lourinha 2001
    stegosaurus foot

    Honorable Mention, International Dinosaur Competition, Museu da Lourinha 2001
  • 2010 - New York State Museum
  • 2010 - North Rim Grand Canyon National Park
    illustrations of wildlife
  • 2010 - Petrified Forest National Park
    illustrations of fossil animals
  • 2008 - New York State Museum
    Ocellated Antbird, Army Ants and Poison Dart Frog
  • 2008 - New York State Museum
    Mandarin Fish
  • Conservation T-shirt Designs (2004)
    More about Conservation T-shirt Designs
     - Conservation Committee and Annual Conference t-shirt
    Published by: Association of Avian Veterinarians
  • Cover, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery (1999)
    More about Cover, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery
    cover artist - Cover, Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery
    Published by: Association of Avian Veterinarians
  • Brochures, AAV (1999)
    More about Brochures, AAV
    artist - brochures illustrating bird care and veterianry issues
    Published by: Association of Avian Veterinarians
  • A selection of works for instruction in paleontological illustrations (1999)
    A selection of works for instruction in paleontological illustrations - A selection of works for instruction in paleontological illustrations
    Author: GNSI
    Published by: GNSI
  • Brochure, Douglas Mawson Wing of the South Australia Museum (1998)
    illustrations - Brochure, Douglas Mawson Expedition to Antarctica
    Published by: South Australia Museum
  • Logo, Arizona Bird Clinic 
    More about Logo, Arizona Bird Clinic
     - logo for Arizona's only all-bird clinic
  • Logo, Avian and Exotic Pathologists 
    logo design and illustration - California Quail
    Published by: Avian and Exotic Pathologists
Organization Membership:

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Pat Latas
7223 East Camino Valle Verde
Tucson, Arizona
USA 85715
Tel: 520-979-2748
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Email: antshrike@gmail.com
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