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Nature and Animals
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Jeanne Filler Scott paints equine and wildlife subjects with attention to anatomy, character and personality. The animals in her paintings, all of whom are friends or personal acquaintances, project a living presence and individuality.

When you look into the eyes of one of her animals, you feel the animal looking back at you. Jeanne says, "I paint with the understanding that each animal is unique. The animal may represent the entire species as an ideal, but on a deeper level, the animal before me is an individual. I try to do justice to my subjects and give their images the vitality and character they deserve."

An interviewer once wrote that the animals in her paintings contained the "spark of life." When viewing one of her paintings, you immediately get the feeling her subjects are old friends, with subtleties of their characters and expressions finding expression in paint only because of long, sympathetic understanding.

A sense of individual life is what Jeanne imparts so well. The calm eyes of a bison follow you around a room; a foal stands undecided whether to run away or take a lump of sugar from your hand; three wolves languidly watch you from a sun-warmed rock in a snowy landscape. Jeanne's paintings are celebrations of life.

Support for Conservation:
Special Achievements:
  • 1995 - Guernsey's
    Invited to participate in animal art auction held in New York City
  • 1993 - Canadian Association of Equine Artists
    First Place in Oil Painting
  • 1993 - Arts for the Parks
    Top 200 in competition featuring paintings depicting scenes of national parks or monuments
  • 1989 - Art and Wildlife in Kentucky
    Best in Show
  • 1988 - American Artist Magazine Talent Search Competition
  • 1985 - Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year Competition
  • 1994 - Burt Reynolds
    "The Young Aristocrat," limited edition print of a thoroughbred foal with an original pencil remarque
  • 1991 - International Museum of the Horse
    "Sky Bugs Lad," oil on canvas, 22" x 34" (Conformation portrait of a champion paint horse at the Kentucky Horse Park)
  • 1984 - Queen Elizabeth II
    Gouache painting, 6" x 7", of a mare and foal in a Kentucky landscape
  • 1977 - Rutgers University Geological Museum
    Large oil painting (4 ft x 6 ft) depicting a mosasaurus, a marine reptile which lived in the late Cretacious seas, hunting an ammonite. The painting hangs in the main foyer of the museum.
  • Andrew McNally III, Chairman, Rand McNally and Co.
    Oil painting, 18" x 24", of a Kentucky thoroughbred mare and foal
  • Draw and Paint Realistic Horses (2010)
    More about Draw and Paint Realistic Horses
    Author and Illustrator - Draw and Paint Realistic Horses is scheduled to be released in mid-December, 2010, and is available for pre-order now. Jeanne's new book features many breeds of horses, from Thoroughbred to Friesian, Draft Horse to Miniature, in oils, acrylic and pencil. Chapters include Anatomy (Growth Stages of a Horse, Hooves from different angles, Manes, Eyes and Ears); comparison of different Breeds; how to mix different Horse Colors, such as Palomino or Bay; finding References and Materials needed; and step-by-step demonstrations on how to draw and paint Foals, Horses in Action, Heads, Conformation Pose and Relaxed Poses. Horse Relatives include a Donkey and a Zebra.
    Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
    Published by: North Light Books
  • Painting More Animal Friends (2008)
    Author and Illustrator - Written and illustrated by Jeanne Filler Scott-Painting More Animal Friends has step-by-step demonstrations on how to paint a variety of animals in acrylics. Chapters include Woodland Animals, Birds, Exotic Animals and Baby Animals.
    Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
    Published by: North Light Books
  • Painting Animal Friends (2005)
    More about Painting Animal Friends
    Written and illustrated by Jeanne Filler Scott - Painting Animal Friends features over 20 step-by-step demonstrations for painting domestic animals in acrylics. Chapters include Cats, Dogs, Horse, Cattle, and Barnyard Animals. Each project includes: a template drawing, reference photos, background tips, and a visual reference for paint colors and mixtures.
    Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
    Published by: North Light Books
  • Simple and Creative Acrylic Painting (2005)
    More about Simple and Creative Acrylic Painting
    Four demonstrations by Jeanne Filler Scott on how to paint a cow; a jack russell terrier puppy; a Siamese cat; and a domestic shorthair cat, plus demos of different types of brush strokes. Jeanne's painting of a puppy is on the cover and first page, and cat painting is on the back cover.  - This book features projects in acrylics by eight artists.
    Published by: Leisure Arts
  • Simple and Creative Landscapes in Acrylic (2005)
    More about Simple and Creative Landscapes in Acrylic
    Includes Jeanne Filler Scott's demonstrations of various kinds of brush strokes to depict trees, clouds, grass, etc. - This book features projects by eight artists.
    Published by: Leisure Arts
  • Wildlife Painting Basics: Small Animals (2002)
    More about Wildlife Painting Basics: Small Animals
    Written and illustrated by Jeanne Filler Scott - Wildlife Painting Basics: Small Animals features 16 complete demonstrations and dozens of mini-demos for painting and drawing small animals. Step-by-step instructions show how to create basic proportions and anatomy, plus individual characteristics such as faces, tails, paws and fur texture in the medium of your choice--acrylic, oil, pencil or gouache. Animals include rabbits, squirrels, woodchucks, foxes, raccoons, mice, otters and more!
    Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
    Published by: North Light Books
  • Keys to Painting: Fur and Feathers (1999)
    Oil painting of wolves, "Mack and the Boys" used to illustrate how to paint wolves in oils. - 
    Author: Rachel Rubin Wolf, Editor
    Published by: North Light Books
  • The Best of Wildlife Art (1997)
    More about The Best of Wildlife Art
    Selected as one of "96 of the world's finest wildlife artists" in this beautiful, coffee table book  - Large, hardcover book filled with full page reproductions and descriptions of each artist's work
    Published by: North Light Books
  • The Natural History of the Dinosaur (1978)
    Jeanne Filler Scott's painting of a mosasaurus, which was commissioned by the Rutgers University Geological Museum, was reproduced in the chapter on marine reptiles. - Originally published as The Day of the Dinosaur by Bison Books, 1977
    Author: John Man
    Published by: Gallery Books, New York
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