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Nature and Animals
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Animal Portraits
Here are some commissioned, as well as free lance, portraits of dogs. horses and other animals. My goal is to capture the individual personality of each animal.
Although all birds share certain characteristics, such as feathers, wings, and beaks, there is such a variety of birds that I always find them fascinating to paint.
Cats: Wild
It's amazing how similar wild cats are to our domestic house cats, both in their anatomy and mannerisms.
Dogs are wonderful. They relate to people as much or more than any other animal. They love their people, and don't hesitate to show it enthusiastically. Dogs are loyal and intelligent friends, and they deserve all the help they can get. We have 13 dogs, each of them rescued when they were down on their luck, and we have been amply rewarded by their unconditional friendship.
Farm Animals
Domestic animals, our pets and farm animals, have shared our world for thousands of years. In that time, we have grown closer to one another than we have with animals of the wild. My portraits convey the individual personality of our animal partners, as well as the bond between us that innumerable generations have forged.
Horses: in Landscape
Horses grazing in a field with trees in the background make a beautiful and restful subject for the artist.
Horses: Mares and Foals
One of my favorite sights in the spring are the mares and foals in the fields. As I live in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky, I have a lot of opportunities to see the pretty, long-legged foals frisking and frolicking together, but never straying far from their attentive mothers.
Horses: Paints
Paint horses are a challenge to paint because the artist has to balance the white areas of the horse with the darker areas. But they are also a lot of fun to portray.
North American Wildlife: Hoofed
Individual animals are unique, each with their own characteristics, expressions and reactions to the world. My paintings capture the personality of the animal, not just the form and conformation.
This section includes books I've authored and illustrated, as well as books and magazines that have featured my artwork.
Small Mammals
This category includes everything from mice to raccoons. Many of these paintings were published in my book Wildlife Painting Basics: Small Animals (North Light Books, 2002)
Wildlife: in Landscape
The world in which wild animals live defines them and places them in a context we humans all too often exclude or disregard. My paintings preserve and celebrate the animal in their environment.
Wildlife: Various
This category will include everything from gorillas to turtles. I am interested in portraying the beauty and character of every living thing I encounter.
Wolves and Foxes
Wolves are fascinating animals. They are much like our domestic dogs, yet, unlike dogs, they view humans as equals. I have visited with wolves from the wolf sanctuaries Mission:Wolf (Colorado)and Wolf Park (Indiana.) Foxes are more catlike, but also resemble dogs. Like wolves, they are beautiful and intelligent animals.

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