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Ron PlaizierRon Plaizier   AFC Ron Plaizier
Wildlife Artist specializing in Birds, Birds of Prey and Landscapes
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Born in 1959, I grew up in the Chateauguay Valley on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River in rural Quebec. My mother, Rita, was a local artisan, well known for her work in soap stone carving, needlework and egg etchings.

My mother was never idle with her hands, constantly creating something and quite often working on multiple projects at a time and itís her creative drive that Iíve fortunately inherited from her.

I later moved to Ontario to start a family with my wife Judy and now have two grown up sons Justin and Kyle. It was my love, shared equally by my family, for the outdoors, canoeing and kayaking that helped me develop a keen sense of observation and attention to detail.

It wasnít until my late thirties however that I would apply those skills initially to create detailed wildfowl carvings using wood and acrylics as my medium. Competing professionally in Ontario at various Wildfowl Carving competitions, I was fortunate to have won numerous awards for my creations.

Working in this 3-dimensional art form forced me to develop an intimate understanding of wildfowl anatomy and detail.

I now work primarily in the 2-dimensional art form of painting using acrylics on canvas or mason board and specialize in capturing meticulous detail with a balance of artistic composition and lighting that I hope results in work that captures your attention and lures you in.

More recently I competed in the 2012 Buckhorn Fine Art Festival winning first place as well as Peopleís Choice Award and as a member of the Belleville Art Association I entered and was accepted in the 2012 Juried Art Show and won the Peopleís Choice award there as well.

Some of my work currently hangs at Studio 737 in Tweed Ontario as well as my own personal Art Gallery in Marmora.

In my artwork I hope to not only present something appealing to nature and art lovers but also perhaps raise environmental awareness and the importance of wildlife preservation.

Special Achievements:
  • 2013 - David Shepherd 2013 Wildlife Artist of the Year - Selected Not Hung
    Elusive Sentinel
  • 2012 - Buckhorn Fine Art Festival
    Recognized as one of the premiere Canadian Art Festivals, the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival promotes North American artists who collectively present thousands of choices of fine art in a vibrant array of style, medium, and message.
Publications: Organization Membership:
  • 2013 - Artists for Conservation
    The Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Foundation represents the world's leading collective of artists focused on nature and wildlife, with a membership spanning five continents and twenty-seven countries. The organization's mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage.

  • 2010 - Belleville Art Association
    The Belleville Art Association was formed in 1958 and since then has been dedicated to raising the standard and quality of the visual arts in the community.


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Ron Plaizier
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  Artists for Conservation Group
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