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Dianne MunkittrickDianne Munkittrick   AFC, PAA-M, associate SAA Dianne Munkittrick
Nature Artist
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Through my artwork, I try to bring nature indoors. I strive to paint beyond the literal interpretation of nature and try to instill the awe and wonder that nature inspires into each piece. I aim to capture that elusive moment that transforms an experience with nature from mundane to magical. It is these moments that epitomize the natural world and provide us with that inner sense of well being.

Using thin glazes of transparent oil color I build the mood and set the scene for what is to come. I want the light to shine through the paint resulting in an inner glow. I frequently rub off as much paint as I put on to achieve the effect Iím looking for. I want you to feel the wind in your hair, anticipate the dive of the osprey, or hear the clash of thunder. I want the eyes of the fox to draw you in to experience his life force.

My early career was spent outdoors in the natural resource field. Iíve done everything from radio-tracking deer and elk to cooking and eating rattlesnake. Iíve worked on vegetation studies in Maine, Idaho, and Montana. I took some time off to spend with my family but when my children were school-aged I returned to school to get my degree in graphic design. It was then that I realized I could combine both my passions. I now use my love of nature and wildlife as inspirations for my artwork.

I initially drew my inspiration from north Idaho where I lived for over 30 years. I now live in a rural area of South Carolina and have new and exciting sources to draw from.

Support for Conservation:
Conservation and good stewardship of the land begins at home. To that end we have tried to make our home as favorable to wildlife as possible. Not only have we kept the shoreline of our lake home in it's natural state but we have kept snags in the yard for woodpeckers and other birds, planted natural vegetation, and included nesting boxes for bluebirds and purple martins and wood ducks and a roosting box for bats. We secured a floating log near the shoreline and it has provided a sunning and preening spot for numerous birds and turtles and the occasional alligator. In addition, Dianne has donated artwork to the Audubon Society and other conservation organizations.
Special Achievements:
  • 2014 - Birds in Art
    "Homeward Bound" a painting depicting a shrimp boat with a flock of seagulls following it on it's homeward journey was selected for this prestigious show.
  • 2013 - America's Parks II Top 100
    Two paintings selected to the Top 100 in the America's Parks II Competition.
  • 2012 - Runner Up - Wildlife Artist of the Year/Wildscape Magazine
    "Surf's Up!" an upbeat painting of African Penquins mingling on the rocks before jumping into the surf was selected as the Runner Up for the Title "Wildlife Artist of the Year" by the online magazine "Wildscape"
  • 2011 - Region I Winner - Paint the Parks

  • 2010 - Paint the Parks Top 100 and Top mini 50

  • 2009 - Paint the Parks Top 100 and Top Mini 50

  • 2009 - Juror for Charlotte Art League "It's for the Birds" Art Exhibit
    Show is to benefit the Carolina Raptor Center
  • 2009 - Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation

  • 2008 - First Place Charleston Artist Guild Annual Show

  • 2008 - Paint the Parks Top 100 and Top Mini 50

  • 2008 - Finalist in Artists Magazine Animal/Wildlife Category

  • 2008 - PaintAmerica Association Signature Member

  • 2007 - Paint the Parks Top 100

  • 2007 - Paint America Exhibit Top 100 and Top mini 50

  • 2005 - Birds in Art Exhibit, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

  • 2005 - First Place Coeur d'Alene Art Association Show

  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
    Field Sketch Collection
  • Coeur d' Alene Vision Clinic

  • "Birds and Beasts" (2007)
    Author: John O'Hern
    Published by: American Art Collector Magazine
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