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Dianne MunkittrickDianne Munkittrick   AFC, PAA-M, associate SAA Dianne Munkittrick
Nature Artist
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Working the Waves - 24 x 36 acrylic
I start most paintings with a drawing on my support. Using acrylic I outline the drawing. After the outline is dry I use an Atelier Interactive acrylic to tone the canvas. In this example I am using Fredrix Watercolor Canvas. I tone it to a medium value so I can still see my drawing.

Next using a wet rag I rub out the areas where my lightest values occur. I like to use the rub out technique because it still leaves a little bit of tone on the canvas and keeps the edges soft.

In this step I add some of my darker values using burnt sienna and burnt umber.

After I adjust the values to my liking I start adding color. I let some of the under painting show through to add warmth to the painting.

In the last step I add highlights and adjust the colors to maintain the correct value.

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