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Roy CarrettaRoy Carretta   AFC, CET Roy Carretta
Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Born to Venetian parents, Roy was greatly influenced by his mother’s artisan skill for embroidered wildlife depictions and his father’s strong admiration for old world art and architecture.

Self taught in the Old Masters’ ways, Roy develops paintings in the time honoured Renaissance fashion whose task master demands dedication, patience and reverence.

Roy refers to our natural world as a symphony being orchestrated by a Universal Conductor, namely God, (the Great Spirit, the Tao, etc). Roy’s art reminds us not to ignore nature’s interconnected harmonic rhythm of synergized energy which resonates in all living things, “Without it, we are incomplete. With it, we move together in time - as One.”

Roy cannot say enough about his lovely wife, Clara, and his daughters Nadia and Sonia who have been a constant inspiration to him. They truly form a great part of his success. Roy feels blessed to be in a position to share his works and hopes he can help others acquire a greater appreciation for our beautiful natural world.

Contributions to nature conservation and philanthropic issues now act as a catalyst for Roy’s nature and wildlife painting.

Support for Conservation:
Roy and his family have been active contributers to various conservation agencies such as the WWF and DUC.


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