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Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Roy Carretta Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta

Roy Carretta

“One can only stand in awe when witnessing the myriad of natural surroundings and wildlife that abound our precious planet. The Supreme Intelligence that orchestrates the life force responsible for every natural movement is remarkable to say the least, and commands our undivided reverence.

Depicting nature within its surroundings helps me to pay homage to this Supreme Intelligence. How Blessed are we to be an audience of this natural harmonic symphony!

The great renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci makes a similar observation regarding Mother Earth and duly notes this in his own words,

‘Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful,
or more simple or more direct than does Nature because in Her inventions
nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.’

For that reason, we need to be vigilant and attune ourselves to observe the
Universal Conductor when the melody and harmony of colour, texture, movement
and energy are synergized and cued into play by the Maestro.

Failing this observance, we will surely miss out on Nature’s
harmonic rhythm – a rhythm that resonates in each and every one of us.
Without it, we are incomplete. With it, we move together in time - as One.”


Latest Artwork
The Day's Surrender - Canada Goose and Gander by Roy Carretta (2) Click to view a larger image. The Day's Surrender 
Canada Goose and Gander
18 x 36
Regal Tranquility - Mute Swan by Roy Carretta (2) Click to view a larger image. Regal Tranquility 
Mute Swan
9 x 14
graphite pencil
Roy Carretta
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Roy Carretta Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta
Roy Carretta
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