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Hilde_Aga BrunHilde_Aga Brun   AFC, NBK, RWG, WEAD Hilde_Aga Brun
Pastels. Collage sculptures. Land Art. In tune with Nature
Norwegian artist, born in 1965. That has worked for nature in many areas through the years. And not the least through her artworks. Pastels, Land Art, mixed media objects and texts.

Studied in the National Art Academy in Oslo through 91- 95. Spending one of the years as an external student in Alaska and on Vancouver Island, Canada. Seeing the contrasts between the rich, healthy wildife in nature in Alaska/Vancouver Island and the situation for wildlifes lost or heavily controlled so many other places.
Studying art also in the Beaux arts in Metz in France in 85-86

Solo exhibitions on nature themes, in Norway and abroad. Nature communications projects, Land art installations and participated in many collective exhibitions in several countries. Working with young artstudents with land-art. Has participated in 3 UN exhibit for biodiversity in Germany.

The interest is in many aspects of creation, and how life works. The weft of the ecosystem
She has published a novel and an epos.
Currently working on a new art-series, and nature art book.

More art is available in www.hildeagabrun.no under ART/KUNST section.

The artist is situated in the countryside in south of coastal Norway.

Support for Conservation:
Have worked for the environment and animal wildlife rights much of her grown up life. Was part of a group creating/founding the first pure animal rights organisation in Norway, NOAH-for animal rights, in 1989. Part of the board for some years and later the desk for Noahs`ark magazine. Have worked with direct action, debating in newspapers and other media.
The last 15 years especially through exhibitions like "Earth-mothers" that has been exhibited in Norway and In Assisi, Italy in Europe. Dedicated to all life givers of the planet. The exhibits "In Source" and "Web of life". "Nature as the carrier of the tradition of Life"

Being on Artists for conservation to honour and support life in nature, and organisations connected with afc, through artwork pledges. Have also donated works to NOAH for animal rights in Norway. Support Amphibian Art through percentages of my toadworks.


Organization Membership:
  • 1995 - NBK-norske billedkunstnere-Norwegian Visual Artists Association
    NBK is the national organisation for the visual artists in Norway.
    I am also part of the local sub-organisation BBK. http://www.kibkunst.no/vaare_kunstnere/cms/26

  • 1993 - ravenstail weavers guild

    The Ravenstail Weavers' Guild was founded in Ketchikan, Alaska. The mainstay of the Guild has been a group of women in Juneau, Alaska. I joined after spending a year in alaska an vancouver island training in making these beautiful weavings


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Hilde_Aga Brun
c/o Hilde Aga Brun
Norveien 56
4900, Tvedestrand
Tel: 47 959658617
  Worldwide Nature Artists Group
Email: hilde@hildeagabrun.no
Home Page: http://www.hildeagabrun.no
Hilde_Aga Brun Hilde_Aga Brun

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