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Hilde_Aga BrunHilde_Aga Brun   AFC, NBK, RWG, WEAD Hilde_Aga Brun
Pastels. Collage sculptures. Land Art. In tune with Nature
Movements in houses. Silent mo
18 houses collage sculptures made from 2015- 2018. On nature themes and other issues. Mostly nature related.
Nature, Carrier of Life
Nature is the carrier of the tradition of Life. Through theses series I focus on how nature is the carrier of the tradition of life through its seeds, its presence. I use traditional cultural patterns of traditional art/ folk art as a
form to describe how also nature is a carrier of the patterns of life.
We live in our life source
land art. installation
Land Art, Natureinstallations and projects. Sometimes it can have a special effect manifesting conservation thoughts into three dimensional installation work in nature. Including introducing bears to town-people, give insights into animals destinys and the continuous changing face (and fate) of earth. Celebrating nature in open air creations
My "earth-mothers" series. Dedicated to all life givers inhabiting this earth. Whether in the animalkingdom, plantrealm or in the elements. In Norwegian "earth-mother" is also the common name for midwifes-the one who helps with births, so it has an additional depth to the meaning. And is not gender-based . It is dedicated to the magical process of creation and creating. And talks about embracing life and other life forms different from ourselves. how much we share but also depend on each other for the sustaining and creating of life.
web of life / kiss of life
Web of life is the name of an exhibit I had this spring 2012 where I gathered series related to the theme of the web of life in nature. "Earth mothers" "In Source" "Kiss of life" a.o. Kiss of life is a series of animals kissing, to show how life often starts with love. And is an important part of the ecosystem. As Gandhi says "where there is love there is life". The "Kiss of life" drawings are inspired from real life situations/pictures. There are more "kiss of life" pictures than added on this page.
mammals, native animals
60 Intunewithnature Box
I have created a box of 60 reflection cards of my artworks with my own text, to use for tuning in with nature, finding insight through natures wise ways. To meditate with the energies of nature and the creative life flow. Some examples of the 60 cards is presented here.
the cards are 87x118 mm in size
You can also order them and read more about them on my webpage: http://www.hildeagabrun.no/intunewithnature.html
Some of them can also be seen on my new facebook page for the cards/my related artwork. http://www.facebook.com/IntunewithnatureHildeAgaBrun?ref=bookmarks

Limited edition
The printed cards do not have watermarks on them as presented with here.
abstract. Creation processes
a facination with how life comes to be and is manifesting itself. the flow and movement of life and the way to creation

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