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Betsy PoppBetsy Popp   MFA - Painting, AFC Betsy Popp
Oil Painting, Wood Sculpture, Pastel, Pencil
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Grand Canyon Art Work
Art Work of the Grand Canyon in a variety of mediums.
Pyrography/Wood Burning
Here is a variety of beautiful woods with wood burnt images. A variety of subject matter and presentation.
Start Collecting Original Art
In this category you will find original unframed art work at a considerable discount which will encourage and allow you to start collecting original art
Studio 8369 - Grand Lake, CO
These works are available through Studio 8369, Grand Lake, Colorado. Laura Kratz; owner/artist/operator
Landscapes in a variety of mediums including oil paintings, acrylics, and pastels.
Marine Life
As a result of my scuba diving trip to Grand Cayman Island on the AFC Expedition, here is a variety of artwork dedicated to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.
Wood Sculpture
A variety of sculptures out of a variety of wood.
Mammals - Big Game
Mammals and big game done in a variety of mediums including oil paintings, pastels, acrylics, and graphite.
All kinds of birds, especially birds of prey done in a variety of mediums including oils, pastels, acrylics, and graphite.
A variety of colored works and black and white works.
Members of my family that I would like to post....shows my versatility.
Archive Works
These works are no longer available but they are still fun to look through.

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