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Kathleen SheardKathleen Sheard   SAA, AFC, AAB, MPAA Kathleen Sheard
Glass and Graphite Wildlife Artist
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Fine Art Graphite Drawings
I have been asked by a couple museums and galleries to sell the original drawings that I work from to create my glass. Some pictured have been made into glass and others are drawings for research or my own enjoyment.
Conservation Sculpture
My first conservation educational kiln formed and cast glass sea turtle sculpture, Cycle of Life: Sea Turtle Glass Sculpture - Environmental Art Education Project is complete. I am looking for a permanent installation for it in a non profit sea turtle hospital, aquarium or marine wildlife oriented museum - whose emphasis is to educate the children on both the beauty and perils our marine wildlife exemplify.

A new body of work is called "You're Killing Me" The first sculpture in this work has a cast glass sea turtle that has been cut apart by a propeller and has a glass straw, representing plastic, coming out of her nostril. Individual cast glass sea turtle sculptures with injuries caused by mankind will follow.
Fine Art Wall Pieces
The fine art wall pieces are sets of multiple glass panels from 9 to 50 plus square feet. Some animals depicted to date include: cougar, great blue heron,ravens, gray wolves, tiger, giraffe, sea otter, snow leopard, African lion, African elephant, zebra, moose and trumpeter swans. Multiple layers and multiple firings make this work appear 3 dimensional in a vitreous painting. Initially the pieces were mostly portraits but have evolved into paintings encompassing animals in their landscapes. As my work gets more detailed and complex in layers some of the pieces can take three plus years to complete.
Miniature Vitreous Paintings
Miniature vitreous wildlife paintings are multiple pre fused pieces layered in a small format. Domestic and/or wild animals are caught in moments in time. Glass size 12"x18" app. (with frame app. 16" x 24").
Wildlife Fine Art Disc
Each Wildlife Fine Art Disc is part of a series of related animals. Their homes are from the far corners of the world; from the Columbia River Gorge and the Pacific Ocean, to the savannahs of Africa and the snow fields of the Arctic, or the rainforests of Australia. Each piece is unique. Size: 21 - 24" diameter, concave or convex.
Spiritual Reliquaries
Spiritual Reliquaries are glass vessels of living animal spirits. Kiln formed glass and hand blown glass techniques combine to create three dimensional vessels. The vessels are in two categories. There are FINE ART images of different wildlife as in my large fine art wall and disc pieces that are one of a kind. The GEO-VESSELS have different animal tracks abstractly crossing their surface and each one is slightly different and made individually but there are multiple vessels featuring the same track.
Wildlife Rondelles
The Wildlife Rondelles start as 7 _" kiln formed rounds depicting wildlife or abstract wildlife images. They are then taken to the glass blower and spun out with a broad band of color in the tradition of a European rondelle. Finished size is 16" to 19" plus. Each one is mounted in a metal wall or table stand.
Kiln cast Sculpture
The kiln cast Sculpture is three dimensional work that began with a Pacific Green Sea Turtle Bust. A Moose antler and ravens have evolved. The body of sculpture is to include a sea otter, a life size Loggerhead Sea Turtle, and a black rhinoceros to scale. Each sculpture is a one of a kind or a small limited edition.
Artist Studies
The Artist Studies are my sketches as I start a piece. I just sketch with glass. I start with my photographs and then do a pencil drawing. Then to figure color combinations and light/shadow dimensions I create the glass sketches. These range in size from 6"x12" to 9"x 18" or variations of this scale. I focus on the faces but can also do smaller studies of detail for the ears, eyes, nose, feet, feathers or spots. All to give me more data for my large fine art pieces. If I need additional knowledge I then do a miniature vitreous painting giving me more complete information.

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