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AFC Flag Expedition #1:
Observing & Portraying the Endangered Harpy Eagle & its Habitat
Expedition Artist: David N. Kitler
Purpose: To conduct most comprehensive artistic study to date of the Harpy Eagle in support of conservation efforts currently underway to restore the species to its historical ranges.
Location: Panama, Central America
Scheduled For: December 2005
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Artist Acknowledgments
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The first-ever AFC (formerly WNAG) Flag Expedition was primarily funded and made possible by the Artists for Conservation Foundation through the AFC Flag Expeditions Program.  David is extremely grateful for their support.  Besides the AFC, however, there are several other individuals and organizations who have also played an important part in supporting the Expedition and helping to ensure its success, and David would like to thank them here.

Following are an alphabetical list of links to those organizations or individuals who have supported this expedition.


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