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AFC Flag Expedition #1:
Observing & Portraying the Endangered Harpy Eagle & its Habitat
Expedition Artist: David N. Kitler
Purpose: To conduct most comprehensive artistic study to date of the Harpy Eagle in support of conservation efforts currently underway to restore the species to its historical ranges.
Location: Panama, Central America
Scheduled For: December 2005
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Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, David's appreciation of nature began in his youth as he explored the Canadian outdoors. As the ideas for his paintings emerge from his experiences with wildlife in their natural habitat, David embarked on longer reference gathering trips throughout most of North America (including Alaska), as well as to Africa, Central and South America, and parts of Asia. In the meantime, he taught himself to paint, experimenting with a variety of media and techniques.

Because of his love of wildlife, he had initially geared his education towards becoming a veterinarian, thinking that art was something to be treated only as a hobby. Due to tragic events involving his family, David was left to fend for himself at the age of 17; so he gave up his dream of attending university, and started work at a local factory. Soon, however, David's sketches and paintings, which he continued to work on whenever he had a free moment, began to garner attention, opening a door to a world he never knew existed.

Today, he holds memberships in the Worldwide Nature Artists Group and in the prestigious Society of Animal Artists, and is an honours graduate from the Ontario College of Art. His work is part of collections the world over and he has exhibited in North America's major exhibitions and art shows, where he has received numerous excellence awards.

Besides painting, David loves spending time on research trips, and with the many students with whom he enjoys sharing his passion for art.

For more information about David and his work, please visit his WNAG Web site.

Watch for a feature article about David and his WNAG Flag Expedition to in the January/February issue of Wildlife Art Magazine.

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