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Vicki FergusonVicki Ferguson   Ph.D., AFC Vicki Ferguson
pencil drawings mostly; some pastel work and intaglio etchings

Work spaces
I have 2 drafting tables here that I work on. One is fairly flat, the other is a more vertical surface. Working on the upright table has advantages. The biggest advantage is that pastel dust drifts to the floor rather than piling up on the board (where my hands would smudge it everywhere). The disadvantage to working on the upright surface is that all the pastel dust drifting to the floor tends to pile up on the cat who lays at the base of the table. Despite an air filter running nearby, the cat becomes a walking powder puff.

North Carolina Work space
We have been renovating a 1945 summer house in North Carolina. So far, the only place to set up any sort of working area has been out on the porch. The porch location is excellent - it is surrounded by woods; there is a lot of bird and squirrel activity going on; and the creek can be heard in the background. I have not taken a drafting table up there yet, so for now, the dining room table doubles as a work surface. My husband came up with the idea of standing the table on end. Good idea. Now if I could only get him used to the idea of balancing a dinner plate on his lap, instead of using the table for meals it would be even better.

North Carolina Work space

The Critic
No matter where I work, there is always a critic sitting nearby.

There are times when I use the studio, or business name, of 'RedboneGraphics'. A Redbone Hound called Arlo was the reason behind the business name. Arlo was a great dog. Arlo was also very long-legged and tall. A tall minister called Arlo was the reason behind the dog's name. Fortunately for us, Arlo (the minister) aside from being tall, also had a great sense of humor. Arlo was flattered to have the dog named after him, and pleased to have married my husband and I (he married us before we named the dog after him). Anyhow, once-upon-a-time, Redbone Graphics used to mail out an almost semi-annual newsletter. Amazingly enough, some of my customers actually kept them. In binders even! So, for those of you who still have a copy of volume 4 (2), I thought you might appreciate a staff update. When you last saw him, Clancy was sleeping comfortably on a drafting table. His job description was 'paperweight'. Over the years, his job description has not changed. The job suits him very well. But, he no longer sleeps on either of the drafting tables. At 21 pounds, he takes up far too surface much space. And, when Clancy, and his friend Yoshi, stretch-out together, there's no surface space left at all.

Clancy and Yoshi

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