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Vicki FergusonVicki Ferguson   Ph.D., AFC Vicki Ferguson
pencil drawings mostly; some pastel work and intaglio etchings
V.M. Ferguson is a self-taught wildlife illustrator with a background in biology, wildlife rehabilitation, and citrus production. She holds a doctorate in entomology and plant pathology, and previously worked as a consultant for growers and agrichemical companies as well as taught college courses in biology and environmental biology.

She gradually went from the formal constraints of scientific illustration to the freedom and creativity of her current work which focuses primarily on wildlife images, but also includes a wide range of domestic animals and plant life.

Most of her drawings are done with either graphite or colored pencil. Soft pastel and watercolor are sometimes used when working with large areas. On occasion, found objects such as feathers, sections of wasp nest, or plant material are incorporated into her compositions. Her drawings combine simplicity, a strong element of design, and sometimes an unexpected humorous twist, with the intricate details and insights of a trained biologist.

She exhibits her drawings in shows and galleries, and frequently donates artwork, and time, to conservation-related organizations. Her work has been in national and international exhibitions; been published in magazines; and is part of the City of Orlando, Florida's permanent collection. Artwork of hers submitted to a design competition was chosen for the commemorative Coolidge Park Grande Opening Celebration poster (Chattanooga, TN); and she was selected to design and execute artwork for a state-sponsored series of fish identification posters.

Aside from a husband, her family consists of a chinchilla, two cats, and two Labrador receivers (neither of which will 'retrieve' anything). When not at their home in Florida, or exhibiting in art shows, they can be found at their house (aka 1945 summer house project) in Highlands, North Carolina.

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