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Portraits of Birds of the World
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View of my studio 2014 No 3

View of my studio May 2011
This view shows recent commission paintings in-progress in May 2011.

View from within main studio
This is my easel area geared-up for Acrylics in the winter season. I usually paint oils in the summer when the windows can be opened and the warmth helps dry the oils evenly. One can see my pallete box in the for-ground, and 3 works progress in rotation. I usually have several works active depending on the medium I am working with.

Summer view of my studio
In this view one can see an oil in progress on the easel. In that season the light is soft and clear to me, making it very condusive to painting. In Oregon, the long summer days allow me to have extended painting sessions and periods of deep focus.

View into my studio from drawing room
I have 2 rooms in the studio I built in this 120 year old house.One can see some cranes in progress on my easels in 2002

Studio-preparing painting grounds
In this view one can see maroflage canvas panel being prepared and glued.

Painting Acrylic panel
This is another view of the studio while working on an acrylic panel for a ''Triptic'' group of paintings commissioned in 2002.

The Drawing Room
This is the area in which I spend the evening hours researching, sketching , and preparing drawings for the final work in the main studio room. Since I like to paint in natural light as much as possible, I use the evening hours for drawing. I also paint small watercolors and studies in this well lighted space in the day hours

One More view
Yours truly at the easel in the summer.

Field Kit for Watercolors
This is my brush field kit for traveling and working in watercolors in Nature. Almost all my watercolors are done in the area where I study the species of bird I am studying and painting. It this where I feel I can create Art ... direct painting on location...just my eye, mind and brush...before the emmence design.

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