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Leo OsborneLeo E. Osborne   SAA Master Signature Artist, NSS Fellow, AFC Leo Osborne
Sculpture, Painting & Poetry

Evoking A Sea Turtle From Burlwood
Gifted from the wood to the carver's hand, a burl appears from some primordial like space in time and within its own story lies the tale of yet another being, which I hope to evoke from the wood with charm and with the tools of the woodcarver.

Once the chain saw has had its way with this gnarly old beast, it gives way to the suggestion of the subject within. The existence of turtle, emerges with just a few sharp, well-placed cuts.

With blows from the mall and chisel, turtle energy comes to the surface.

Grinding and sanding brings the smooth bird's eye burl designs to the surface.

Applying colors of analine dye enhances the surface designs and brings more clarity to the wood along with dynamic coloration.

The sculpture is finished with a coat of Krylon Clear and a coat of hard paste wax to bring out the inner beauty of the fine bird's eye maple burl.

WAVE RIDER....completed

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