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Bird paintings and illustration in watercolor and oil

The desire to capture the spirit of a wild creature is in our nature and art work has been a way for me to extend my experience observing the natural world. I try to bring to the painting the interactions of birds and the environments in which they live and some of the excitement of my observation.

My paintings are based on field experience. Photographs that I take in the field are used as reference for the work in my studio, along with field notes, sketches, and museum specimens. The photographs are visual field notes; what the camera records that I don’t see in the field, is what I find useful. A painting is not only a picture of what I see, but it is an expression of the experience of observation. Elements that I find useful in my own photographs can be essential, but they remain secondary to the conception of the image.

Watercolor is my medium of choice for its immediacy. Oils are ideal for long, involved processes sometimes required for the development of the image. For oil painting, I often choose to work on stretched watercolor paper primed with gesso, but I also use primed canvas.

Much of my work is available in signed, full-size Giclée (Pronounced: Je-clay) prints.

Giclée prints are high-resolution digital reproductions using archival ink and acid-free fine art paper. This state of the art technology produces unrivaled color accuracy and detail, as well as a print that will (if not abused) maintain it’s integrity for decades to come. This method of printing is rapidly becoming the standard process for high quality art reproduction. It is recommended that a Giclée print is protected from moisture, direct sunlight, and abrasion. It is best to use UV-protective glass (or same in plexi) when framing.

Please email the artist for orders and questions. The listed pricing is for the unframed original painting or individual print. Please note that costs of packaging and postage will be added to the price of the art for the total cost. Shipping will be by U.S. Registered mail with full insurance, unless the buyer has another preference.

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