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Bird paintings and illustration in watercolor and oil
I try to bring to the painting the interactions of birds and the environments in which they live and some of the excitement of my observation.
Fieldguide Plates - Birds of Peru
These are original plates for "Birds of Peru", a field-guide by Schulenberg, Stotz, Lane, O'Neill, and Parker; Princeton University Press at Princeton and Oxford, 2007. These original plates provided half of the illustrations for the book. The birds are life-size in many of the originals. All birds are identified in the descriptions for each original plate.
Fieldguide Plates - South Asia
These original plates were prepared for "Birds of South Asia, The Ripley Guide", Vol 1: Field Guide; by Pamela Rasmussen and John C. Anderton; Lynx Edicions, 2005. This work provided illustrations for 24 plates, out of 180 in the book.
ABC Guide
American Bird Conservancy's Field Guide, "All the Birds of North America" is an extant guide that has the bird figures included in the habitat, with a semblance of the landscape in which the species are typically encountered. Multiple artists were employed to complete this guide, and my contribution is the section that includes the vireos, warblers, chickadees, kinglets, and gnatcatchers. Each painting is numbered by panel and runs across 2 pages in the guide. The full figures in these originals are life-size; the reduced figures are rare species or confusing but unrelated species.

Published by HarperPerennial (division of HarperCollins), 1997.

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