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Watercolor Paintings of Tropical Birds
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Perhaps one of the most important and constant steps in my creative process is hiking through the woods finding new locations where I can find a vantage point for photographs. These hikes are accompanied by my wife and Coco. My background in biology has aided me in locating the possible habitats for the birds that I’m looking for.

Photographing the Subject Matter
Although the walks are important (not just to appease “white fang”), the most important step in my creative process is taking clear photos of my subject matters. I get inspired once I get a variety of poses (preening, puffing up, looking up, looking down, sideways, pooping, etc.). By being able to observe the movements and poses, I am able to better understand how they naturally interact.

Surrounding Elements
I don’t just needs photographs of the tropical birds, but also source photos of the surroundings elements (lichens, rocks, plants, etc.) so that the bird is in its natural habitat.

Quick sketches are used to determine composition and layout.

Let the Fun Begin
Now that all the elements for the painting are in place, they are drawn out on a watercolor paper and the fun and frustrations begin.

Painting Buddy
Whether or not it’s part of the creative process, or a hindrance, I have to mention Cho (Blue and Gold Macaw). Essentially she’s my “painting buddy”, but sometimes she’s just a monkey on my back.

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