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Watercolor Paintings of Tropical Birds
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Pricing: USD$4.00 per square inch. For example, a 10x20" painting would carry a pricing for $800

Deposit: A 35% deposit is required, and is nonrefundable. This covers the time and materials that are necessary to carry out the painting.

Time of completion: This will be dependent on the painting subject matter and size. A rough estimate would be 1-2 months.

Payment plan: Negotiable. It could be 35/65 payable upon completion, or 35/30/35 over 2 months.

Late fee: Can be discussed for both parties involved.

Contract: Once an agreement has been reached, a contact must be signed by both parties detailing the above information and all other nuances regarding the finished product.

*The finished painting, although property of the commissioner, may not be reproduce in any form for any mean, for example, creating a print series without the artist's explicit consent and knowledge. In essence, all artwork carry a All Rights Reserved.

*No obligations are held by either party if a contract is not signed by both of them. The contract can be sent via email, printed, signed, scan and returned by the same means if geographical distance is an issue.

Direct Correspondence to:Daniel Davis
Daniel Davis
c/o Dan D Images
8635 Hawkins Creamery Rd
Gaithersburg, MD
USA 20882
Tel: 301-253-3052
  Artists for Conservation Group
Email: dandimages@gmail.com
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