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Solveig NordwallSolveig Karina Nordwall
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Graphite and Colour PencilsSolveig Nordwall
Born in Sweden and raised between Norway and Canada, Solveig has been drawing all her life. Since 1970 she has been intimately connected to Japan, living there for more than 15 years and raising her son there for 12 years as a single mother. Fluent in English, Norwegian and Japanese, she uses her art and her cross-cultural connections to build bridges and encourage environmental awareness and communication.

Japan's aesthetic influence is prominent in her work, both in composition and fine detail. This has always had great appeal to the Japanese, enabling her to have 6 sell-out solo exhibits in that country.

Upon retiring in 2010 she declared herself a full-time professional artist. The Gulf of Mexico BP oil disaster in 2010 prompted her to dedicate her work to the protection and preservation of her beloved ocean.

Her chosen home is in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, where for the past several months she has been drawing from the sunlight zone - the reef-dwellers and bejeweled shallow-water dancers. With her latest Underwater Fireflies however, she has drifted down the water column into the twilight zone where bioluminescence reigns supreme.

"I research each species I draw and include its names and a brief bit of info," she says. "I love melding art and science, a perfect full circle back to marine biology, my first intended career. What I am learning about the ocean and its inhabitants is almost as much fun as drawing them. New technology has made it possible to add vast amounts of previously unknown data and stunning images from the deep; seeing how little we know about this realm is humbling to say the least!"

Support for Conservation:
Solveig's commitment is to the conservation and protection of the ocean, to help fund clean-up operations, buy supplies and equipment, and support research and education.

Hawaii's marine ecosystem is facing threats from several directions. As a small cluster of islands in the middle of the Pacific, its environment, both sea and land, is fragile and embattled. The beautiful yellow tang for example is being rapidly depleted due to harvesting for the aquarium trade, a fate they share with other reef dwellers. Unregulated and lucrative, this trade alone has wrought much damage, yet it is only one of many challenges facing the islands.

The cornerstone of her work is this: far too much has been lost, but there is still so much left to save. "The more I can share my art, the beauty and the data, the more I can use my international background and my languages to spread the word, the happier I'll be!"
Special Achievements:
  • 2012 - Artists For Conservation Annual Exhibit
    Double Dragon, a whimsical mirrored rendition in metallic colour pencils of the leafy sea-dragon, selected to be part of AFC's annual exhibit to be held on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver in October 2012. It was the first to sell...most grateful!
  • 2009 - Award for Excellence
    One of a pair of colour pencil drawings of the Japanese crane (Grus japonensis), this image was selected to be part of the 15th Annual Color Pencil Society of America's International Exhibition in Bethesda, Maryland.
  • 2012 - Mr. Yu Ehara
    Yu would come to my apartment in Victoria, BC for tutoring. I lived by the water and this was the view he had when we studied. When he returned to Canada he commissioned this drawing, saying this view was one of the best memories he had of Victoria. I called it therefore "Yu's View".
  • 2011 - Mr. & Mrs. A. Inoue
    Male Leafy Sea-Dragon carrying eggs, usually a camouflaged drifter among the kelp around Southern Australia, now at rest on a globe of water.
    Medium: Colour Pencil Size: 24 cm diameter
  • 2011 - Christina De Greef
    This was Christina's commission: a drawing of favourite hen, now departed. Not well acquainted with live chickens I was afraid it would end up looking like her least favourite one...fortunately, mom and her chicks are happy in their new home.
    Medium: Watercolour & Colour Pencil Size: 10"x10"
  • 2009 - Mr. & Mrs. A. Inoue
    Giant Plumose Sea Anemone (see my gallery), from memory of a scuba dive near Squamish, BC. Now holds a place of honour in the entrance-way of their new home in Kanagawa near Tokyo.
    Medium: Colour Pencil Size: 50cm diameter
  • 2007 - Edith & Peter De Greef
    View from above their home in Victoria, guarded by a Great Blue Heron. The border's flowers move from winter at the bottom, easing into spring on the left, to summer on top, then autumn and back to winter and holly. They were all drawn from the garden. The view is from the roof of my apartment there. I loved it very much. Still do.
    Medium: Watercolour Size: 20" x 30"
  • 2006 - Mr. Y. Kishimoto
    A pair of Japanese cranes in a Hokkaido winter. The one on the right won an Award for Excellence at the Color Pencil Society of America's 15th Annual Exhibition in Bethesda, Maryland.
    Medium: Colour Pencil on gold paper Size: 45cmx60cm each



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