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Wildlife Portraiture
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I am a lifelong artist and conservationist and have made my living in recent years as an oil portrait artist. My father was a physician and a naturalist who instilled in me at an early age the intricate beauty, value and miracle of each and every living thing. This wide-ranging collection of “living things” on our planet earth, always has been, and continues to be truly awe-inspiring.

So at the age of 50, I decided to start shifting my artwork into what has always been my natural passion, the marvels of creation found in the animal kingdom, applying my talents to portraits of wildlife. In the area of wildlife art, I might be considered an “emerging” artist - although I’d like to think that in a sense, every fine artist whom I admire, never seems to stop “emerging.” I hope I am considered in the same light.

You will notice in my work, that rather than a landscape with wildlife, I tend to focus almost exclusively on the animal itself, working life size or larger where possible. My intention is a stunning up close portrait of the creature, with only a secondary interest in it’s surroundings. In this way, the viewer’s focus is forced toward the beautiful details both in their character and the patterns of their creation. This offers a perception of our natural world that may not be as noticeable in real life or in a more typical artistic interpretation.

In some ways I often envision my wildlife portraits as an artistic painted alternative to taxidermied mounts, but with the added benefit of an infusion of “life” which a skillful artistic rendering can bring.

Support for Conservation:
A portion of every wildlife original painting or print is donated back to help preserve and protect the environment of the beautiful creatures which I am privileged to portray.

  • Arizona Senora Desert Museum
    "Barn Owl in the Old Barn" 12" x 24" Oil on Canvas
  • St. Louis University Museum of Art
    "A Recognition of Beauty" 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas


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