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Billy-Jack Miiligan was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario and currently works at Arcelor Mittal as a millwright. He always had a natural gift of drawing, but in 2009 he wanted to try his hands at painting. Raising a family, working fulltime and building an art career has been a challenging balancing act so Milligan feels the need to involve his children in every aspect of his art. He paints his small pieces on his lunch breaks at work and devotes a minimum of one day a week to his larger pieces at home. His mother gave him his first Bateman book when he was 15 and has always been avid fan of the crocodile hunter’s ability to entertain children while educating them about wildlife. Every painting is an experience of its own. Both in terms of the natural world and within the art process itself. He strives to convey both these aspects to his viewers. Using Acrylic paints on masonite he layers paint to create a mood and feeling. He changes his mind often while painting but will not stop until he achieves his vision”.

The subject matter is usually nature based and the ideas are from his experiences he enjoys with his family, that he wants to share with others. “Both art and nature teaches many values and lessons for both the young and old and sharing what I learn on this journey is expressed through my work”.

Support for Conservation:
xRuthven Bird Banding Contribution
Special Achievements:
  • 2011 - Artists Magazine 2012 Calander "October"
    Artists Magazine 2011 annual Competition Finalist ~ Cypress Skies was chosen for their Annual Calendar and was placed on the October Page
  • 2011 - Bruno Capalongo Invintational
    Group Exhibition
  • 2011 - Western Art Collector
    Article in September Issue with Society of Animal Artists
  • 2011 - Arabella Magazine
    Artist to Collect article
  • 2011 - McMichaels Art Gallery
    Group Exhibition
  • 2011 - Artists for Conservation Exhibition
    On Tour
    "Least Tern"
    Virtual Exhibitionn
    "Fight or Flight"
  • 2010 - 27th Annual Artists Magazine Competition
    Finalist for Cayuga Train Bridge
  • 2010 -  AFC Exhibition
    Maternal Pride
    Cayuga Train Bridge
  • 2010 - Buckhorn Art Festival
    Will be showing at Buckhorn.
  • 2009 - Finalist in The Artists Magazines 26th Annual Artist's Magazine Competition
    Cat in light was a finalist.
  • 2009 - Haldimand County
    Commemoration of 150 Birthday
    "Cayuga Triain Bridge"
  • Arabella Magazine (2011)
    More about Arabella Magazine
    Artist to Collect - 
    It is our belief that Canada has a wealth of hidden talent, culture, history, and architecture that can serve to draw attention from far and wide – right now! At this point in time there are also a multitude of creative individuals emerging and these individuals need a voice to attract attention and help them develop their careers right now! Idealistically (maybe naively) we have chosen to take a bold step and create a new vehicle for supporting our fellow business colleagues and artists and there is no doubt in our mind that our shared success will impact the entire country. We have already demonstrated that ARABELLA’s focus on Canadian Art, Architecture & Design has a real drawing power in all markets across Canada and in the US. Many of the businesses, art galleries and artists advertising in our pages have already reaped immediate financial benefits. And as many of our readers tell us: “Finally Canada has a quality magazine of its own!” Identity is a powerful part of building a strong and vibrant community, business and nation!
    Author: Debra Usher
  • Upcoming Artist (2009)
    More about Upcoming Artist
    Donated original to the town of Cayuga in honour of their 150th Birthday - 
    Author: Shelley Vyce
    Published by: The Sachem
  • Great Dogs Amazing Artists (2009)
    More about Great Dogs Amazing Artists
    2 Pastels of Hero and Remembering Reba - By Jan E Irving

    A collection of dog art from the early twentieth-first century, representing many artists from across the globe and a great variety of breeds and activities. A diverse range of media is also represented from beads to bronze.
    The artworks are produced in a large full colour format, and there is also an artist contact directory.
    The text looks at what a happy and healthy dog is and how you can recognize it.
    Author: Jan Irving
    Published by: Erinrac Enterprises
Organization Membership:
  • 2011 - Society of Animal Artists

  • 2009 - AFC

  • 2009 - Ruthven Park
    Bird banding, local Park
  • 2009 - Haldimand Art Works Board of Directors
    Haldimand Art Works is a registered charity, operated
    by an elected community-based Board of Directors
    with a mandate to provide community-based
    art and fine craft education. We also provide
    opportunities for artists to exhibit their work
    throughout Haldimand County. We have formed
    a variety of partnerships with other community
    organizations for delivery of programming throughout
    the community. We have been in operation since 2001,
    and are the only community-based arts centre
    in Haldimand County.


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