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Jerry VendittiJerry Venditti   AFC, OPA Jerry Venditti
Trompe L'oeil
Master of the trompe l'oeil technique, Jerry Venditti's desire isn't "to fool the eye" with his fine oil paintings, rather it is to enhance, highlight and expound the profundity of what is. Whether an arrangement of Native American pottery, a bowl of fruit or a time dimensionalized image, steeped in antiquity and accurate historic relevance, there is nothing still about a Venditti still life.

Support for Conservation:
I am working with Wildize Foundation, a Colorado-based private charitable organization dedicated to the education of awareness towards sustainable conservation. 50 % of proceeds from the sale of the original and ltd. edition prints will go to benefit Wildize Foundation in honor of the purchaser, and as required by law, acknowledges to the donor a tax deductible portion. Also, the profits Wildize receives will go into the subSaharan Lion Conservation projects.
“Passion into Action.” “Art for Conservation.” You get a wonderful piece of art and WILDLIFE gets a future.
Thank you for your support.

Special Achievements:
  • 2009 - Nominated by AFC, "Artist of the Year"

  • Wells Fargo Headquarters

  • Jess Jackson, private collection

  • Kendall-Jackson Winery

  • Henry Cabot Lodge family collection

  • Bank of the West

  • Becktal Corporation

  • Huffington Oil

  • K S (Bud) Adams

  • Eddy Cheever

  • Merinoff Family Collection

  • Southwest Art 2001 December "Start Your Collection" 
  • Art of the West 2001 September "From Ordinary to Extraordinary" 
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Tel: 7078885257
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Email: jerryvenditti@gmail.com
Home Page: http://www.jerryvenditti.com
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