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Gloria ChadwickGloria A. Chadwick   AFC Gloria Chadwick
Wildlife/Endangered Species; acrylic & oil
I believe artists play an enormous role is driving home the message about the beauty around us. My goal is to educate the public to the greater value of wildlife and encourage support for those organizations that endeavor to protect all species and environments.
I also believe that one should do all that is possible to protect our environment and that is why I declared March 11, 2017 that I am running for the U.S. Congress (www.Gloriachadwickforcongress.com) against corrupt Congressman Duncan Hunter who has a zero voting record for the environment. Besides the Dept. of Justice investigation on his financial issues he has voted on 2 bills, this year, that as environmentalists we cannot accept. One bill allows shooting of hibernating bears with their cubs, chasing down predators in helicopters and the poisoning and trapping of wolves within 76 million Alaskan acres. The other bill calls for the slaughter of wild mustangs and burros on the western range.
The United States has been a leader in protecting the environment since the Environmental Protection Agency was formed in 1970 by President Nixon. This new Trump Administration is gutting all protections and regulations by putting a Director in charge of the EPA who has brought 14 lawsuits against the very same agency.
Other countries may not understand what America is losing but to most of us nature lovers the thought of mining in the Grand Canyon, the return of polluted air and water is unacceptable. Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring was a call to us to protect the environment. America's Bald Eagle was on the verge of extinction because of soft shelled eggs from pollution. Today they abound but the current decisions are throwing us back into the dark ages.
Be active, speak up and speak loud. Protect that which we as painters have carefully depicted for future generations to enjoy.

Support for Conservation:
I have focused on the vanishing species we are facing by doing exhibits of the rear perspective of various animals. To the general public it initially evokes laughter until they read the titles and get the message that each one of the animals is on the way to extinction. While it does not generate sales it does indeed invoke conversation which is my goal, to educate through art.
Passive displays of educational material have not had near the effect as my "putting it your face" displays. Once engaged I encourage people to do work , or join organizations that can work towards a better appreciation of our animals and landscapes. I am pleased to have various "rear" pieces exhibited in a number of shows that create exposure to the general public which sends my message of the urgent need to conserve our resources.
Special Achievements:
  • 2013 -  AFC January Conservation Artist for the month
    So very proud and humbled by the the honor.
  • 2011 - El Cajon City Library Wildlife Exhibition
    Featured artist for one month display of 30 oil paintings of wildlife from Africa, North America and Asia. Each painting supplied with some interesting statistics or traits about each animal. Emphasis on man's ability to make a difference in the outcome of wildlife.
  • 2011 - 2011 - Paint the Parks top 100

  • 2010 - Birds In Art
    Barn owl
  • 2009 - Paint the Parks Mini50

  • 2008 - The Art of Conservation
    Juried competition
  • 2007 - Walk on the Wildside
    Best of Exhibition at the City of Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery wildlife art exhibition.
  • 2003 - Starbucks/San Diego Zoo Tumbler art competition
    Starbucks and the San Diego Zoo held an art competition to produce a tumbler and debit card to raise awareness and financial support for endangered species. My flamingo design was chosen over several hundred entries. It was a rapidly sold out limited edition.


Organization Membership:
  • 2009 - WAOW (Emeritus Signature) - Women Artists of the West

  • 2007 - AFC

  • Defenders of Wildlife

  • San Diego Zoological Society



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Home Page: http://www.gloriachadwick.com
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