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Sarah BaseliciSarah Draper Baselici   AFC,PSA, MBAA,AAC,WPS,WAA Sarah Baselici
Nature, Wildlife and Endangered Species
Sarah grew up in Martinsvillle, Virginia and began studying and taking art classes wherever she could find them. She began selling her portraits and figurative works in her early teens. In college she majored in music, but worked in the theater department as a costume designer. Painting large backdrops and building props easily prepared and qualified her for the exhibit business. Designing and building exhibits is Sarah's way to give back to nature and teach about environmental protection and endangered species. Being able to add figures and faces is a huge asset. Often the people paying for the work do so because she will add their children or grandchildren in some way. She loves the challenge of taking small areas and making them appear large and open with landscapes, lighting, fountains and the sounds of nature. Interactive exhibits are especially important to keep the attention of the viewer. Sometimes Sarah travels with her paintings of endangered species and the rain forest to teach children about environmental protection and using art to help spread the word going from room to room in schools or hanging in libraries. Her cockatiel, Charlie, was popular with everyone and gave the children a living example of creatures that need our help.

Her exhibit work can be seen in many parks, museums, and teaching facilities throughout the southeast many commissioned by the Department of US Fish and Wildlife and for the state of Georgia. She was accepted as a member of Artist for Conservation in 2007, www.natureartist.com/sarah_baselici.asp, and continues to use her art to help protect the environment and endangered species. In 2010 she joined the Portrait Society of America and began working full time as a fine artist and accepting commissions. Most of Sarah's exhibit work is on the east coast, but her paintings can be found in collections everywhere. Her studio and gallery are now in Austin, Texas.

Support for Conservation:
Sarah is always studying and trying to find ways to help mother nature, but her favorite is the two weeks each February she spends studying, painting and photograhing the wildlife on Sanibel Island, Florida. She began keeping journals and photos of the areas around Ding Darling in 1998. The winter migration and nesting areas have not be able to recover form damagae done by humans and natural disasters. This can easily be seen by looking for once abundant shells. Global warming has also washed away many of the old coastal cottages and beachfronts.

Sarah uses her art to teach people of all ages about environmental protection.

  • 2005 - Rock Eagle 4-H Wildlife Building
    The floor to ceiling murals covering the entire ecosystem of Georgia with one live exhibit wall.
  • 2003 - Rock Eagle 4-H Museum of Natural History
    Many of the exhibits and murals were designed, build and painted from the 1990s until 2003.
  • 1989 - Bank of America
    24" x 30" oil on canvas of Shrimp Boats docked at Hilton Head, SC.
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