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Diana Reuter-TwiningDiana Reuter-Twining   AIA,SAA,AFC Diana Reuter-Twining
Having been trained first as an architect and photographer, Diana has the vantage point of an intimacy with space and nature, which is made evident through her use of a bold stroke and a quick eye.
Diana's interest in art and architecture may have started after she assisted her father on a photographic assignment for the National Geographic. Diana went on to apprentice as a photographer with the magazine. She later became a registered architect.

Her formal studies in art and architecture initially took her to Paris with Hollins College where she received a degree in Art History. She then went on to Catholic University where she received her Masters of Architecture. She studied sculpture at the Corcoran School of Art, Loveland Academy of Fine Arts and Scottsdale Artists' School.

Living in Virginia and travelling worldwide affords Diana the opportunity to catalogue the nature which is so vital to her work. As an architect and artist, she is keenly aware of the plasticity of space. Her sculpture is dynamic and has the vantage point of an intimacy with nature which could only be captured through experience.

Diana's bronzes are found in private collections and gardens throughout the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Support for Conservation:
The Mosby Heritage Area Association

  • 2010 - Bryn Mawr College
    Mezza Luna was given to Bryn Mawr College for their permanent collection and will be featured in an outdoor setting on campus.
  • 2007 - Western Kentucky University
    Nautilus was purchased by Western Kentucky Univeristy for their permanent collection and will be included in their sculpture garden.
  • The Bennington Museum
    Artist's Sketchbook
  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

  • The Art of Jewelry and Sculpture (2012)
     - A showcase of Diana's jewelry and her sculptures that inspired it. Diana's jewelry is wearable art. When it is not being worn it is displayed as traditional art would be: on a table in the living room or hanging on the wall.

    Diana's recent sculptures are also included in this edition.
    Author: Diana Reuter-Twining
    Published by: Chocorua Publishing
  • Bronzed II: Drawn From Nature (2011)
     - It all starts with the line. Sculpture for me is the exploration of gesture, emotion and memory. Working with a camera allows me to focus and frame subjects from all angles but it isnít until I am in my studio with my sketchbook and pencil that all of that begins to synthesize.

    The focus of my art is the natural world. It is the genre of art called animalier. Rembrandt Bugatti was its master. I feel as though a work of art is successful for me if I can hear, taste, smell, feel as well as see a painting or sculpture. A cheetah looks in a stone like stare at something we canít see but sense; a bird dog points and another honors him with a bird in cover, the work horse puts his head down to the task at hand, knowing it is his job; two horses groom each other and appear as one. It is what I call the mystery of nature. It is that which fascinates me.
    Author: Diana Reuter-Twining
    Published by: Chocorua Publishing
  • Bronzed: Into the Garden (2010)
    More about Bronzed: Into the Garden
     - Inspired by the countless sculptures Diana grew up with throughout Washington, D.C. Diana challenges us to step back and think of sculpture as a dynamic art form using the gardens at Glenstone in Aldie, Virginia as her stage.
    Author: Diana Reuter-Twining
    Published by: Chocorua Publishing
  • Art for Conservation (2006)
    More about Art for Conservation
    Sculptor Champions Africa's Wildlife - article on Diana and husband and their work in Africa.
    Author: Myrna Zanetell
    Published by: Wildlife Art
  • Discoveries in Bronze (2006)
    More about Discoveries in Bronze
    Article on Diana's sculpture - 
    Author: Sally Pfoutz
    Published by: Elan
Organization Membership:
  • Society of Animal Artists

  • American Institute of Architects



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