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Wildlife Fine Art Paintings & Prints
Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and self-taught, Michael Pape finds many beautiful things in life that inspire his paintings. Always fascinated by realistic painting styles, Michael's ability to portray dramatic realism in his paintings takes the viewer to a place where they would like to go, but normally cannot. In trying to capture this realism, each painting's execution can take months, or even more than a year, to finish in either acrylic or a combination of mediums.

Michael has participated in a number of highly prestigious art shows including: The South Eastern Wildlife Exposition in South Carolina, USA, the Waterfowl Festival in Maryland, USA, The International Art Exposition in Toronto, Canada as well as the Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum in Tokyo Japan. His work has been commended by the iconic Robert Bateman who took the time to leave him the note: "Best wishes, you are good."

Support for Conservation:
Michael is committed to the conservation of the animals and places he paints through his art.

He has raised much needed funds by contributing artwork, as well as pledging 5% of all sales of selected limited edition prints, such as "Solitary Watch - Snow Leopard" and "Ghost of a Chance - Snow Leopard", to the Snow Leopard Trust. Also 5% of all sales of his limited edition print "A Perfect World - Amur leopard" (the most critically endangered cat in the world) goes to the Amur leopard Conservation Program.

Michael has volunteered in the past at animal rehab organizations such as Wildcare in Ontario, Canada who rehabilitate wild animals. Michael has also raised funds for the Canadian Endangered Species Fund of Canada as well as Ducks Unlimited Canada through the sales of his limited edition prints.

In the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 Michael has won Ducks Unlimited Canada National Portfolio Contest. In 2010 Michael created a program in which $100.00 of every Ducks Unlimited Artist Proof lithograph of his painting "Ghost of a Chance - Snow Leopard", which won the national contest in 2009, will go to help save the endangered snow leopard, through the Snow Leopard Trust.

A testament to Michael's work with Ducks Unlimited Canada:
"I have been very fortunate to work with Michael on four occasions through his participation in our Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolios.
The images selected, Beautiful Dreamer, Ghost of a Chance, Through the Storm and Out of the Mist, have all been very well received by our supporters.
Revenues of these framed prints have topped $1 million with the proceeds benefiting the Ducks Unlimited Canada conservation programs, scientific research and public education initiatives.
During the printing and signing process, I got to know Michael and have enjoyed many conversations. Michael shared with me his knowledge of his subjects, as well as his genuine empathy to their individual causes. Michael is a true advocate for these animals and Ducks Unlimited Canada is only one of the many organizations which benefit from his support.
Ducks Unlimited Canada remains very appreciative of Michael Pape's continued interest and generosity."

Penny Burns
National Art Portfolio Coordinator
Ducks Unlimited Canada

As well, one third of Michael's sales of his wolf prints sold by the Haliburton Wolf Centre goes to their ongoing education program.

Michael was extremely honored to be chosen as one of 14 international artists whose works were presented at Wildlife Fine Art 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibit was held at the Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum from the period April 29 to May 4, 2009.
The focus of the exhibit was to bring international attention to the Japan Wildlife Centre, their goals and ideals in regard to animal protection and the natural environment, something that is very dear and near to Michael. A picture of Michael's work entitled "A Perfect World - Amur Leopard" was included in the promotional cover material for the exhibit. As well, a beautiful coffee table book was produced for the exhibit showing the works that were in the exhibit. You can purchase limited edition giclée prints of Michael's work through the Japan Wildlife Centre's web site (jwc-web.org/top.html) with profits going to the Japan Wildlife Centre's goals of conservation.

Michael is a signature member of the prestigious Artists for Conservation, whose goal is to bring awareness of animals and their environment through wildlife fine art.

My hope is to connect with you, the viewer, through my paintings, to bring awareness of the beauty and significance of animals and the natural environment in which they live, thus enriching your life with meaning and purpose. - Michael Pape



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