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Contemporary Wildlife Sculpture in Wood, Stone, and Bronze
Turtle Island - Turtle by Hap Hagood
  Turtle Island 
Subject: Turtle
Dimensions (inches): 4 x 13 x 9
Medium: Walnut Burl
Description: Long ago, the Celestial Tree of Life fell, leaving a hole in the sky. Sky woman, being curious, leaned over to look through the hole and fell. A flock of geese saw her falling and caught her with their wings, breaking her fall. As they were descending, the geese saw Great Turtle swimming in the ocean, flew down and placed Sky Woman on his back. The other water animals, mostly muskrat, began bringing mud up from the bottom to create land for Sky Woman to live on. Muskrat continued to put mud on Great Turtle's back and soon a great island had been created.
From Sky Woman came the people and they called the land Turtle Island.

---One of many American Indian Creation Stories.

Note: This sculpture has the North American continent ("Turtle Island") carved on the turtle's shell.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $2,500.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No


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