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Contemporary Wildlife Sculpture in Wood, Stone, and Bronze
I will accept a commission, however, the buyer must allow me the flexibility to design the piece. The buyer chooses the animal to be represented and I choose how best to portray that animal.
The commissioned sculpture will only be started after a contract has been agreed upon and signed by the buyer and myself and a deposit of 50% of the selling price is received by me.
When the piece is completed, the buyer will be notified that final payment is due. If the buyer pays with a personal check, the piece will not be shipped until the check has cleared (usually 60 - 90 days). To avoid this delay, payment with a cashier's check is advised. Should the buyer choose to use a cashier's check, I will still wait until the actual funds have cleared and have been deposited in my bank account.
Upon receipt of the sculpture, the buyer will have 30 days in which to return the piece for a 100% refund of the selling price, not to include shipping costs.

Note: The above stipulations will be included in the contract.

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