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Wildlife, African Wildlife
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Giclée is an elegant, state-of-the-art method of reproduction which provides a vibrant color rendition of an original painting. Resulting from the marriage of art and modern technology, giclée canvases faithfully reflect the vibrant color, rich detail and texture of the original oil painting.
With acrylics and oils, Banovich creates memorable scenes from the dramas that play themselves out daily in the natural world, just as they have for millions of years. Like stills from classic movies, his paintings freeze-frame the action and, like all great works of art, they linger in the imagination.

To own a Banovich original is to own a true, one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece. You share in the intimacy and power of the canvas– the link between the subject, the work of the artist and the viewer. A Banovich painting is a direct portal to another world, where it is possible to sense each animal`s primal nature and catch a glimpse of the raw beauty found in true wilderness – something so very far removed from our daily experiences.

From the jungles of Africa to the majestic mountains in North American to the dense forests of South East Asia the world`s last refuges of wilderness provide the inspiration for Banovich`s paintings. Banovich transports us from every day life to a wild place frozen in time, a place that comes alive again the moment it is viewed.

Studio Giclée Canvas
Studio giclée canvases are large-format works that are created by using a specialized process that you can read about by clicking on "Giclée Canvas" on this site.

These are dramatic pieces of art, perfect for use in larger interiors. Banovich original oil paintings are large in size, and can be reproduced successfully in large format without diminishing the quality of the image.
Giclée Canvas
Creating a Giclée Canvas reproduction of a Banovich painting is a fascinating and precise process. Essentially, a digital scan is made of the original painting and entered into a computer. The computer then guides the ink nozzles, which spray microscopic dots of ink so fine that the eye cannot detect them, directly onto the canvas.

The ink jets spray more than 4 million ink droplets per second to create thousands of shades of rich color. In the end, an observer sees only a continuous image as vibrant as the original painting. The canvas is then coated to provide UV protection and durability, and signed by John Banovich.

Each of these Giclée Canvas reproductions is an investment in aesthetics, giving you the truest performance of the painting possible outside of owning the original. Banovich Giclée Canvases are printed for a limited number of editions and then never reproduced again.
Textured Canvas
Texturized canvases are reproductions using a proprietary technique that add texture to a surface to imply the brushstrokes of the artist. An offset lithography process is used with water-resistant inks, lending increased durability.

The result is a reproduction with three-dimensional qualities that is the closest one can get to the duplication of an original painting.

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