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John BanovichJohn Banovich   AFC, SAA John Banovich
Wildlife, African Wildlife
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John Banovich is among the world’s most renowned wildlife artists. His award-winning original paintings are owned and exhibited by noteworthy organizations, museums and important corporate and private collections across the globe. His life and work have been featured in countless international publications, including Africa Geographic, Wildlife Art, Big Sky Journal, Western Art & Architecture, the Artist’s Magazine, Sporting Classics, Cowboys and Indians and many others, as well as on various TV programs aired on the Outdoor Channel, Entertainment Tonight, Versus and PBS.

Through his artwork and the Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, John has supported conservation and humanitarian efforts in India, Russia, North America and Africa, earning several awards for this work. The Banovich Wildscapes Foundation promotes scientific research and conservation education; facilitates habitat protection and restoration projects; develops creative and respectful partnerships to fund conservation programs; and creates opportunities to build long-term community economic well-being. Banovich is a member of Artists for Conservation, through which he was granted the Simon Combes Conservation Award for his commitment to global conservation. He has also earned the CJ McElroy Award from Safari Club International. John is a member of the Society of Animal Artists and serves on the board of the Craighead Institute and the advisory board of the Safari Club International Foundation.

Banovich continues to explore and evolve as an artist, pursuing a deep-seated desire to protect wild species around the natural world. When not in Africa following the tracks of lions or in the mountains of north America or Asia searching for the next wildlife encounter, he divides his time between managing his publishing company, Banovich Art in Paradise Valley, Montana and painting in his Studio West in Carnation, Washington where he lives with his wife Amy and daughters Siana and Mara.


Support for Conservation:
Banovich has worked with several different world-wide organizations with a successful history of bringing the non-hunting conservation community and the sportsmen conservationists together for united efforts to save wildlife for future generations.

The Banovich Wildscapes Foundation is a nonprofit (501c3) organization fostering cooperative efforts to conserve the earth's wildlife and wild places benefiting the wildlife and the people that live there.

BWF supports a total of twelve projects in seven countries. A portion of the sale of Banovich limited edition giclée canvases and Wild Accents benefit the foundation.

Founded in 2007 by John Banovich, BWF is the culmination of tireless conservation efforts over the past two decades. Through his career as an artist, Banovich has inspired a deeper understanding of the world and its wildlife, encouraging successful conservation efforts and awareness of endangered species and their habitats. Traveling across the world seeking inspiration for his work, John has utilized these opportunities to research wildlife and to learn about associated conservation challenges at the local, regional, and national levels. Through his career, artwork and his publishing company, Banovich Art, Banovich has developed effective ways to help implement and support conservation programs and is utilizing his imagery to promote a message of wildlife preservation and to initiate real change - BWF is making a difference.

“John Banovich has merged the world of wildlife art and conservation in a unique and exciting way. John is able to use his status as world-renowned artist to further conservation efforts even in the remotest parts of the world, working to save Siberian tigers in the Russian Far East, lions in Africa, and even the brown bears of North America. John brings energy, imagination, and leadership to the conservation arena, seeking new partnerships and new mechanisms to save the world's wildlife.” - Dale Miquelle, Program Director, WCS

BWF seeks to support conservation niches that its limited resources can impact. This is accomplished by developing initiatives that work in partnership with existing organizations on the ground, promoting scientific research and conservation education, facilitating habitat protection of large conservation landscapes and restoration projects, developing creative and respectful partnerships to fund conservation programs, and building build long-term community economic well-being. Banovich has partnered with several different world-wide organizations that demonstrate a successful history of bringing the non-hunting conservation community and the sportsmen conservationists together for united efforts to save wildlife for future generations.
Special Achievements:
  • Awards
    “The pictures John Banovich creates offer the viewer a new and different perspective of the natural world in canvases which are outstanding examples of artistic achievement. His success as an artist comes not only from masterful technical skill, but also from an obvious first-hand knowledge and deep connection with his wildlife subjects.”
    ―Joseph Vance, President Emeritus, Society of Animal Artists

    • Artists for Conservation, Best in Show for Painting,”Game of Lions”, Vancouver, B.C., 2015
    • Artists for Conservation, Medal of Excellence”, Vancouver, B.C., 2015
    • Jackson Hole Art Auction, Top Tier Artist, Jackson Hole, WY, 2014-2015
    • Safari Club International, C.J McElroy Award, 2010
    • National Indie Coffee Table Book Award for “BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich”, 2010
    • Society of Animal Artists, Presidential Artistic Achievement Award, 2009
    • Artists for Conservation, Simon Combes Conservation Award, “Shelter from the Storm,” 2009
    • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, “End of Days,” 2008
    • Society of Animal Artists, Presidential Artistic Achievement Award, “A Giant Among Giants,” 2007
    • National Rifle Association, Artist of the Year, “Echoes in Gold,” 2007
    • Worldwide Nature Artist’s Group, Conservation Artist of the Month, April 2006
    • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Artist of the Year, “Royal Performance,” 2005
    • The Artist’s Magazine, Second Place Animal Art, “The Gathering Place,” 2005
    • The Artist’s Magazine, Landscape Category Finalist, “Under the Baobab,” 2004
    • The Artist’s Magazine, Animal Art Category Finalist, “Beauties and the Beasts,” 2004
    • Safari Club International, The People’s Choice Award, 2003
    • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, 2001
    • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, 2000
    • Society of Animal Artists, Award of Excellence, “White Rhino and Plovers,” 1997
    • Society of Animal Artists, Wildlife Art News Award, “The Defensive Line,” 1997
    • Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, People’s Choice Award, “Heading for Deep Water,” 1996
    • Society of Animal Artists, Activities Press Award, “104th Congress,” 1996
    • The Artist’s Magazine, Animal Art Category Finalist, “The Defensive Line,” 1995
    • Game Coin Show, San Antonio, Texas, Best New Artist, 1994
    • U.S. Art, Wildlife Art Rising Star, 1994
    • Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, Best of Show, “The Patriarch,” 1994
    • Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show, Best of Show, “In the Heat of the Day,” 1993

  • Collections
    • National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, WY
    • Wildlife Experience Museum, Parker, CO
    • Tudor Investments, Greenwich, CT
    • Hiram Blauvelt Museum, Oradell, NJ
    • Borsini and Burr, San Francisco, CA
    • Yellowstone Club, Warren Miller Lodge, Big Sky, MT

  • Publications and Broadcast Media 
    More about Publications and Broadcast Media
     - “John Banovich: the wildlife artist, the philosopher, and the world traveler. His name stands out among wildlife artists worldwide. His artistic skills bring nature's creatures into the homes and lives of individuals around the world. His 'big as life' approach to capturing on canvas what he sees in the wilds of Africa, North America and around the world makes John Banovich himself bigger than life.”
    Keith Hansen, Publisher, Wildlife Art"

    • Orion Entertainment, Great American Country Channel, Ultimate Sportsman’s Lodge, 2015
    • Distinctly Montana, Magazine, 2015
    • Sporting Classics, “On Location” by Chris Dorsey, December, 2015
    • Southwest Art, My World, June, 2015
    • Western Art & Architecture, February/March, 2015
    • NBC Cause Celeb, October, 2014
    • Cowboys & Indians, John Banovich, January, 2014
    • Safari Express, Buenos Aires Argentina SCI Chapter, An Inspiring Artist, Spring 2014
    • The Outdoor Group, Inc., 42nd Annual SCI Convention, February 2014
    • Safari Magazine, Art of the Hunt: Maximum Impact, Jan/Feb 2014
    • Safari Club Convention Daily News, Banovich Now and Future, February 8, 2014
    • Discovery Life Magazine,The Artist’s Touch, Volume VII, Fall 2013
    • The Sporting Life Radio Show, Celebrity Guest: John Banovich, November 2013
    • Western Art & Architecture, In the Studio, Dec/Jan 2013
    • Open Fences, John Banovich: Big Animals, Big Teeth, Big Program, Spring 2012
    • Sporting Classics, Living What He Paints, January 2011
    • Nature of the Beast: Works by John Banovich, Wildlife Experience Exhibition, Museum of the Southwest, Midland, TX, 2010
    • Banovich Travels to China, Project Panda: The Global Search for Chengdu Pambassador, Fall 2010
    • Entertainment Tonight, Highlights “BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich,” November 2009
    • BEAST: The Collected Works of John Banovich, Banovich Fine Art Publishing, 2009
    • Cowboys & Indians, Gallery Tour, Featuring “Passing Along the Lessons She Learned,” June 2009
    • Western Art & Architecture, Swimming with Giants, Winter/Spring 2009
    • Pakistan Chronicle, November 2008
    • Big Sky Journal, Arts Issue, July/August 2007
    • African Wildlife Foundation, Africa Geographic, PRIDE Initiative, May 2007
    • Outdoor Life Network, Dangerous Game Episode, October 2006
    • WPBS Television, An Artist’s Journey, March 2006
    • Wildlife Art Magazine, Big As Life, Jan/Feb 2006
    • The Artist’s Magazine, Big Game, July/August 2006
    • Distinctly Montana, Painter of the Big Wild, Winter 2005-2006
    • The Outdoor Channel 2, Wildlife Art Gallery, 2005
    • African Sporting Gazette, 2005
    • African Wildlife Foundation, Africa Geographic, The Mind’s Eye, Fall 2005
    • Wildscape Magazine, UK, Banovich: Step by Step, Summer 2005
    • PBS, Journeys of an Artist, July 2004
    • Sporting Classics, This ‘N That, May/June 2004
    • Wildscape Magazine, UK, The Art of John Banovich, March 2004
    • Art World News, Banovich: Making A Difference Naturally, May/June 2003
    • Big Sky Journal, John Banovich: A Painter’s Barn, Summer 2003
    • Bozeman Chronicle, Living and Painting Large, May 2003
    • Wildlife Art, Redefining Success, Jan/Feb 2003
    • Montana Pioneer, Banovich’s Wild, Wild World, September 2002
    • InformArt, The Art of Marketing: John Banovich Has Come Far in 7 Years, Fall 2001
    • Southwest Art, Prix de West Preview, June 2000
    • U.S. Art, Art Hunters, January 1999
    • Wildlife Art, The Prize of Humanity, January/February 1999
    • Game Trails, Featured Artist: John Banovich, Summer 1999
    • Wildlife Art, Rockport Publishers, 1999
    • American Artist, Out of Africa, October 1999
    • Northlight Books, The Best of Wildlife Art II, 1999
    • U.S. Art, Painting with Passion, July 1998
    • U.S. Art, Pachyderm Power, November 1998
    • Northlight Books, The Best of Wildlife Art, 1997
    • Art Trends, January/February 1997
    • Sporting Classics, The Banovich Niche, March 1996
    • Wildlife Art, A Passion for the Unexpected, July 1996
    • Inform Art, Building A Body….of Art, September/October 1994
    • U.S. Art, Wildlife Art Rising Start, June 1994

Organization Membership:
  • Affiliations
    • Craighead Institute, Board of Directors Member
    • Society of Animal Artists
    • Artists for Conservation
    • Safari Club International Foundation, Advisory Board Member
    • Safari Club International “Conservation Alliance” Project, Co-Founder, 2007
    • Safari Club International Foundation Humanitarian Services, “Tatu” Project, Co-Founder, 2006
    • Banovich Wildscapes Foundation, Founder, 2004



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