Pika and Haystack - Sculpture - Nature Art by Ellen Woodbury

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Stone Sculpture
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Alpine Harvest - Pika and Haystack by Ellen Woodbury
  Alpine Harvest  (2015)
Subject: Pika and Haystack
Dimensions (inches): 10 x 9 x 8
Medium: 3 kinds of alabaster, 2 kinds of marble on granite
Description: The pika is a busy harvester of grasses, leaves, and flowers all summer long. It makes up to 100 trips per day carrying foliage to its haystacks among the boulders to dry for winter forage. Many of these plants are poisonous. Here is the really neat part: the poisons in the plants act as a natural preservative and decrease over time as the plants cure. Plants with no poisons are eaten first. The least poisonous plants are ready to eat fairly soon into the winter, and the most poisonous plants have lost their toxins by the end of the winter. Ingenious! I am always amazed at the wonders of the animal world!
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