Persian Fallow Deer, stag - Painting - Nature Art by Roy Carretta

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Fine Art - Embracing the Spirit of the Earth
Vigilant Guardian - Persian Fallow Deer, stag by Roy Carretta
  Vigilant Guardian 
Subject: Persian Fallow Deer, stag
Dimensions (inches): 10 x 12
Medium: colour pencil
Description: 'This mature stag deer with his strong shoulders and magnificent rack keeps on guard over the two young does. He is the protector and will not waiver and stands firm to defend all challenges.

With striking markings throughout its body this species of fallow deer boasts a larger magnificent antler rack. Only the bucks carry these great antlers. With its origin rooted in the Ancient Middle East, the Persian Fallow Deer (Dama masopotamica) has been introduced to the royal forests of Ireland and Great Britain and later brought into certain areas of North America. The derivative of the latin word 'dama' comes from the Aramaic word 'harma' which means 'red' or 'brown' which are the distinct rich colours inherent in the deer's beautiful hide.'

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