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 Rosetta Rosetta   SAA,FNSS,AWA,NWR,AFC  Rosetta
stylized bronze sculpture of animals, mostly feline
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Reach For The Sky - Mountain Lion & Hawk by  Rosetta
  Reach For The Sky  (2005)
Subject: Mountain Lion & Hawk
Dimensions (inches): 104 x 46 x 40
Medium: Bronze
Description: The dance of survival portrayed in this sculpture is an allegory for the struggles we all face in life and how we deal with them.

The creatures involved (cougar and hawk) are each pushing the limits of their strength, their skills and their spirit, to achieve a life-sustaining goal, doing so with a grace and elegance only observed in the purist moments of nature. This is a decisive moment for both of them and they are holding back nothing in their striving. Each has faith that he will be the victor, relying on the unique qualities nature has given him, which are all that he should require for success. Acting on a wing and a prayer, they both reach for the sky.

Original Available For Sale: No

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Edition Size: 6


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