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 Rosetta Rosetta   SAA,FNSS,AWA,NWR,AFC  Rosetta
stylized bronze sculpture of animals, mostly feline
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Her sleek, hard-edged sculptures reflect Rosetta's life-long love of creating in three dimensions, a passionate pursuit of excellence, inspiration from the concepts of power, nobility and beauty in nature, and the ability to capture the fluid life force of her animal subjects.

A fellow of the National Sculpture Society and member of the Society of Animal Artists, the Northwest Rendezvous Group and American Women Artists, Rosetta has won awards from these organizations as well as from the Allied Artists of America, Bennington Center for the Arts, Pen & Brush, Inc. and the Bosque Conservatory Art Council, among others.

Exhibitions include solo shows at the Brevard Museum of Art and Science in Melbourne, FL, Indiana University, Southwestern Michigan College, Southern Oregon State College and Gallery Americana in Carmel, CA, and group shows at Brookgreen Gardens, Meguro Museum of Art in Tokyo, The Smithsonian Institution, National Academy of Design, National Museum of Wildlife Art, North American Sculpture Exhibition, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, California Museum of Art, J.N. Bartfield Gallery in NYC, Albuquerque Museum of Art and "Feline Fine" traveling exhibition.

Commissions include the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in WI, Brookgreen Gardens in SC, MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Hewlett-Packard, Chapman University in CA, Florida Institute of Technology, ArtWorks in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), The Shops at Walnut Creek (shopping center) in Westminster, CO and the cities of Steamboat Springs, CO, Loveland, CO, Lakewood, CO, and Dowagiac, MI.

Support for Conservation:
Rosetta is a passionate artist and conservationist who has donated her sculptures in support of various conservation organizations including the African Wildlife Foundation, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Rare Species Conservation Foundation, Felidae Fund and the private wildlife preserve, Shambala, along with local animal rescue organizations, for the purpose of fundraising. Further, Rosetta often donates financially to many conservation and wildlife organizations under her married name, Jan Schockner.

The November 2015 issue of World Wildlife ran a profile of Rosetta's support for that organization:

"Jan Rosetta Schockner can’t recall exactly where or when her love for animals started, but she’s made them her life’s work. An accomplished artist who works under the name Rosetta, Jan specializes in bronze wildlife sculptures and has taken several trips to Africa to see the animals she loves in the wild. She supports several organizations, including WWF, and has further committed herself to conserving animals and their habitats by joining WWF’s Legacy Circle—a group of people who help protect the future of nature by including WWF in their estate plans.

What is it about animals that inspires your work?
In 1984, I did my first animal sculpture, a seated cheetah. I started studying and learning about the various animals I was interested in, mostly big cats. And I realized that so many people had misinformed perceptions of these majestic animals. My sculptures allow me to change those perceptions and show lions, cheetahs, wolves, and other wildlife for the beautiful, powerful, sentient and innocent animals they are. As predators, they do what they need to do—to survive. For the balance of nature. They are truly fascinating creatures. The juxtaposition of their beauty and ferocity captivates me.

You’ve been to Africa five times since 2000. Do you have a favorite memory from the time you’ve spent there?
I have a special place in my heart for cheetahs. During our most recent trip, we were out with a guide in Tanzania on the Serengeti and spotted a mother cheetah with her three cubs. I’d seen cheetahs before but this time was different. As we watched, the mother got up, walked to an old termite mound and jumped up on top to survey the landscape. Her cubs followed, climbing all over her and each other. She was working surrounded by her children who were only interested in play time. It was a magical moment that affected me and my work. So much so that I preserved the experience in a sculpture called ‘Single Mom.’

Why is supporting WWF important to you?
I’m grateful that organizations like WWF are out there fighting the good fight. Supporting WWF is one way I participate in the very important work that has to be done to protect these animals and their habitat. I hope that my sculptures help in some way too. I make each sculpture in the hopes that it serves as an inspiration for others to cherish these creatures as I do."
Special Achievements:
  • 2016 - Artists for Conservation "Best in Show, Sculpture" for "Awakening Pride"
    Of AFC's 500 members, 145 were juried into the AFC’s 9th annual exhibit.  Rosetta received the great honor of "Best in Show" for sculpture among all of those amazingly talented artists, for “Awakening Pride” (bronze, 17”x24”x24”.) Due to weight constraints for the live exhibition, this sculpture is in the online-only part of the exhibition.
  • 2016 - NWR "President's Choice Award" for "Breaking Trail"
    Three years after their last show in Montana, on August 5th the Northwest Rendezvous Group had a reunion in Big Horn WY for their new “Bighorn Rendezvous” show and sale at the Brinton Museum’s impressive and beautiful new Art Museum building. Rosetta was honored to receive the “President’s Choice Award” for sculpture, selected by the president of the NWR and the Director of the Museum, for her “Breaking Trail” running wolf sculpture. The honor topped off a very successful show and sale, “quick draw” and auction which generated hopes for a long, ongoing relationship with the very professional and welcoming staff at the beautiful Brinton Museum for future “Bighorn Rendezvous”.
  • 2015 - "Fine Arts Center Award" for "High Country Totem" in Breckenridge, TX
    Rosetta's "High Country Totem" received its second 2015 award at the Breckenridge Fine Arts Center's annual Juried Art Show. The "Fine Art Center Award" is a great honor as this Art Center is known for showing excellent art of a great variety in its exhibitions.
  • 2015 - Second Place award for "High Country Totem" at Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
    I thought that my “High Country Totem” would be perfect for an exhibition titled “Representing the West” at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center in Pueblo, CO. Apparently the jury agreed because it was not only accepted into the show, it received the SECOND PLACE AWARD! “This exhibition showcases over 100 pieces of original artwork answering the question of what the American West means to each artist” and I’m happy to have had my view, that the animals are what is most meaningful to me, represented there.
  • 2014 - Bronze Award, Masters Membership Division, American Women Artists
    Rosetta garnered the Bronze Award, Masters Membership Division, at the American Women Artists Annual Masters and Signature Show at the Addison Gallery in Orleans, MA. Her new domestic cat sculpture, "Jasmine II" was the artwork that received the award.
  • 2014 - Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum Purchase Award.
    Rosetta's "Breaking Trail" sculpture of a running wolf was awarded the prestigious Purchase Award for the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum, a beautiful animal art museum in Jew Jersey. The award was presented at the gala opening reception for the 54th Annual "Art and the Animal" exhibition of the Society of Animal Artists.
  • 2012 - Placement of Rosetta's largest sculpture, "Stream of Life", in Salt Lake City
    "Stream of Life", Rosetta's 14-foot long sculpture, a montage of ten animals and a creekside habitat, was installed in the spectacular new City Creek multi-use project. Located across the street from Temple Square, City Creek has a creek and waterfalls and fountains running throughout its three city blocks, thus the theme of the sculpture.
  • 2012 - Edith H & Richman Proskauer Prize, National Sculpture Society
    Rosetta's "Red Fox" received the Edith H. & Richman Proskauer Prize for Non-Traditional Sculpture at the National Sculpture Society Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, SC.
  • 2008 - John Spring Art Founder Award, National Sculpture Society Exhibition
    John Spring Art Founder Award for Rosetta's "Grizzly Mask" awarded at the National Sculpture Society Annual Exhibition.
  • 2008 - Purchase Award, Sculpture on the Green Invitational
    The People's Choice Award resulted in the Purchase Award for Rosetta's "The Hunt" sculpture which had been on exhibition in the "Sculpture on the Green Bi-Annual Invitational" in Cashiers, NC.
  • 2007 - Award of Excellence, Society of Animnal Artists
    Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition Awards
  • 2005 - People's Choice, Sculpture at the Western Rendezvous of Art
    The "People's Choice" award is voted on by all visitors to the Western Rendezvous of Art in Helena, MT every year. There is one award for painting and one for sculpture. Rosetta's sculpture garnered this award two years in a row, 2005 and 2006.
  • 2003 - National Sculpture Society Silver Medal
    National Sculpture Society 70th Annual Exhibition Awards
  • 2002 - Western Rendezvous of Art Award of Merit
    Northwest Rendezvous Group, Helena MT, Annual Exhibition.
  • 2001 - Award of Excellence, "Wild Cat Art" exhibition, CA
    Award sponsored by the Society of Animal Artists
  • 2000 - Bosque Conservatory Art Council Purchase Award & 1st Place: Sculpture
    2000 Collectors' Choice Purchase Award & 1st Place for Sculpture
    2001 John Stephen Jones Purchase Award (top show award) &
    1st Place for Sculpture
  • 2000 - Award of Excellence, Society of Animnal Artists
    Society of Animal Artists Annual Exhibition Awards
  • 1998 - Bennington Center for the Arts Purchase Award
    The Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington VT, purchased pieces from their annual "Art of the Animal Kingdom" exhibitionsin 1998 & 1999
  • 2012 - Midwest Museum of American Art
    "Defiance" is now in the Museum's permanent collection.
  • 2006 - Chapman University
    Having owned my life-sized "Panther" since 1994, the University has now purchased a second life-sized panther sculpture, "The Leap", for their new field and events center.
  • 2006 - The Shops at Walnut Creek
    Four of my life-sized bronze animal sculptures now reside in the pedestrian areas of this new shopping center: Alpha Pair (2 wolves), Mountain Fishing (Cougar), Lynx Legacy (Lynx mother and kitten) and Red Fox.
  • 2003 - Florida Institute of Technology
    The University purchased the life-size "Panther" for prominent placement on campus, as their mascott is the "Black Panther".
  • 2003 - Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
    Life-sized "Mountain Fishing" was purchased for the museum's permanent collection after being on display there for a year in the "Animal Instincts" exhibition.
  • 2001 - Radio Station KOXE
    The radio station purchased the large "Vigilance" to place in front of their new building.
  • 2001 - Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
    The Transit District purchased the mirror-image pair of life-size Seated Cheetahs for their lobby.
  • 2000 - Neville Public Museum
    The Museum purchased "Defiance" from a traveling Society of Animal Artists exhibition held there.
  • 1999 - Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
    "Panther" was purchased for the Museum's Tactile Gallery.
  • 1997 - Lincoln Park Zoo
    One-and-a-half life-size pair of mountain lions titled "Siblings" placed in front of the Lincoln Park Zoo headquarters building on Clark Street at Armatage Street.
  • 1995 - Hewlett-Packard Company
    H-P purchased the life-size "Mountain Fishing" for their Loveland location.
  • 1993 - Home State Bank
    "The Lynx" guards the entrance to bank from its place in an intimate rock garden next to the door.
  • "The Studio of Rosetta", Art of the West (2015)
     - I was interviewed on the phone for this article in a series that Art of the West Magazine runs periodically about artists' studios. They used eight of the photos I sent of my studio and sculpture for a very nice three-page spread showcasing my home-away-from-home.
    Author: Mary Nelson
    Published by: Art of the West Magazine
  • "Healing Art, Aid for the Animals of Africa", Sculpture Review (2015)
     - The National Sculpture Society's Spring 2015 issue included several articles on how sculptors use their work for conservation and I am pleased that the magazine used a large photo of my cheetah sculpture, "Single Mom" to illustrate my contribution.
    Author: Jodie A. Shull
    Published by: National Sculpture Society
  • "Profile: Rosetta", Sculpture Review (2012)
    I provided the writer with stacks of previously published information as well as statements in my own words and provided photos to the Sculpture Review publishers. - The Spring 2012 issue of the National Sculpture Society's Sculpture Review Magazine was accompanied by the impressive 14-page "Profile: Rosetta" on me and my work.
    Author: Jodie Shull
    Published by: National Sculpture Society
  • "Animaliers, The Lively Art of Animal Sculpture" (2007)
    More about "Animaliers, The Lively Art of Animal Sculpture"
    Eleven photos of my sculptures were used in this 9-page article which also includes commentary about my work as well as some direct quotes.  - This article in the National Sculpture Society's "Sculpture Review" Magazine, titled "The Lively Art of Animal Sculpture", included photos and commentary on the work of three sculptors: Sandy Scott, Louise Peterson and me.
    Author: Jodie Shull
    Published by: National Sculpture Society
  • Wildscape: "Rosetta, Interpretive Realism" (2007)
    More about Wildscape: "Rosetta, Interpretive Realism"
    I was invited to write this article describing my work and my life. I provided the photos and the text - This four-page article included eight photos of my work and an extensive narrative in which I wrote about my work and my life, along with the cover of the magazine which featured my Falcon sculpture and the title, "Rosetta, Interpretive Realism".
    Author: Rosetta
    Published by: Darwin Publishing
  • Sculptural Pursuit (2004)
    I was interviewed and quoted extensively in the article and provided the photographs of my work. - The article, "in dialogue with Rosetta" ran seven pages with ten photographs and was my award as third place winner of Sculptural Pursuit's First Annual Sculpture Competition.
    Published by: Hammer & Pen Production
  • Wildlife Art Magazine (2000)
     - The two-page article, "The Artist in Her Studio" featured four photos of me working in my studio and described the author's impression of my working environment.
    Author: Chris Madson
  • Southwest Art Magazine (1997)
     - The article, "Rosetta" ran six pages with seven beautifully-reproduced photos and covered my career to date as well as commentary about my work.
    Author: Shari R. Carman
  • Wildlife Art News Magazine (1994)
     - The article, "Rosetta: in Pursuit of Dreams" ran six pages and included seven beautifully-reproduced photographs. It covered my career to date and commentary about my work.
    Author: Michael McIntosh
Organization Membership:
  • 2001 - Northwest Rendezvous Group, Helena, MT
    This group of excellent western artists has been mounting exhibitions of the highest quality art produced in the west for 25 years. The annual Western Rendezvous of Art exhibition and sale features the work of the group's membership as well as a few invited guest artists.
  • 1994 - American Women Artists, Santa Fe, NM
    This organization of successful, professional women artists seeks to promote and encourage art by emerging women artists through an annual competition, as well as exhibiting the members' work in annual exhibitons.
  • 1989 - Society of Animal Artists, New York, NY
    This is the premier organization of animal artists. Its juried membership boasts most of the top artists in this field.
  • 1988 - National Sculpture Society, New York, NY
    In 2000 I was elected a Fellow, and in 2003 became a member of the Board of Directors of this 110-year old organnization which promotes representational sculpture.


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