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Colette TheriaultColette Theriault   AFC, BSc (Biology) Colette Theriault
Animal Artistry (Wildlife Art & Pet Portraits)
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Enthralled - white tiger cub-feline artwork/big cats by Colette Theriault
  Enthralled  (2012)
Subject: white tiger cub-feline artwork/big cats
Dimensions (inches): 15.5 x 15.5
Medium: pastel on archival paper
Description: Despite having a mystical and mesmerizing appearance, white tigers that exist in the US today are unfortunately the result of extensive inbreeding. Because of an extremely limited gene pool, most white cubs that are born, shortly die at birth while many others have such horrid deformities that they are culled or raised, only to live a miserable life struggling to cope with their disfiguring handicap. The difficutly in obtaining "perfect" specimens coupled with the ice-blue eyes and white/black coat is one reason why white tigers are in top demand and fetch a very high price on the market.
Such is the reason I chose the title "Enthralled" which not only means to capture the fascinated attention of, but to also enslave...a fitting description which unfortunately summarizes the existence of the white tiger.
Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: No


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