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Colette TheriaultColette Theriault   AFC, BSc (Biology) Colette Theriault
Animal Artistry (Wildlife Art & Pet Portraits)
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Pet Portrait of Shetland Sheepdog "Mickey"
In this step I drew the outline of the subject and major elements of the composition using pastel pencils.

Step 2 of Dog Portrait
In this case, I like to work the background first because it will be easer to overlay the fur outline afterwards.

Step 3 of Dog Portrait
With the background complete, I now concentrate on the main features of Mickey's face. I almost always start with they eyes.

Step 4 of Dog Portrait
More of the facial features are added.

Step 5 of Dog Portrait
Next I added the ears and have begun laying down the long fur using many layers of pastel.

Step 6 of Dog Portrait
More of the body fur is added in this step.

Step 7 of Dog Portrait
...and still more fur!!

"Mickey" the Shetland sheepdog portrait completed!
In this final step, I completed drawing the paws before finishing up the detailed carpet in the foreground. Lastly, I went over the whole portrait making any necessary touch ups or reworked areas that could be improved upon.

I hope you enjoyed watching "Mickey" come to life on paper.

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