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Total Originals Committed: 2775
Total Editions Committed: 2441

The AFC Art for Conservation initiative is an innovative program designed to facilitate fundraising for organizations who support nature conservancy. This initiative provides a venue for AFC artists to display artwork to potential buyers from which proceeds are voluntarily earmarked by the artist to a conservation organization of their choice.

Each artists's commitment is contingent on the sale of their work and the above estimate is a potential total based on the completion of sale of any original work and/or limited editions. The AFC is not involved in any way with artwork sales transactions, nor does it make any guarantees relating to artist commitments made within the program. The AFC takes no commission whatsoever from the sale of artwork under the Art for Conservation program.

To view the artwork, click on one of the beneficiary organization links below or click here to view a full listing of all artwork associated with this program.

All Art for ConservationTM Beneficiaries:
Art For Conservation
Nature Art supporting Artists For Conservation Foundation (AFC) (formerly WNAG ) Artists For Conservation Foundation (AFC) (formerly WNAG )
The Artists For Conservation Foundation (AFC) - formerly the Worldwide Nature Artists Group, is an international, non-profit, juried association of artists dedicated to celebrating and protecting our natural heritage.
380 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Ducks Unlimited Ducks Unlimited
Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.
39 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Painted Dog Conservation Organisation Painted Dog Conservation Organisation
The Painted Dog Conservation Organisation's mission is to conserve and increase the range and numbers of the painted dog (Lycaon pictus) both in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa.
51 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Cornell Lab of Ornithology Cornell Lab of Ornithology
The Lab is a nonprofit membership institution whose mission is to interpret and conserve the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.
10 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Panthera Panthera
Panthera currently focuses its range-wide conservation strategies on the world's largest, most imperiled cats – tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards – and is planning conservation strategies for cheetahs, leopards and mountain lions. Panthera also supports research and conservation activities on populations of other cat species, as well as initiatives to improve felid research techniques and methodology.
3 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Audubon Society Audubon Society
Audubon's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and their habitats.
56 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Wildlife Conservation Society Wildlife Conservation Society
The Wildlife Conservation Society saves wildlife and wild lands through science, international conservation, education, and the management of the world's largest system of urban wildlife parks, led by the flagship Bronx Zoo.
38 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Nature Conservancy (International) Nature Conservancy (International)
The Nature Conservancy has been working with communities, businesses and individuals to protect more than 117 million acres around the world .
96 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Rhino Ark Rhino Ark
Rhino Ark seeks solutions in the Aberdare mountain range of Kenya to conserve one of Kenya's finest indigenous forests and to resolve human/wildlife conflict. 
28 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Wildlife Conservation Network Wildlife Conservation Network
Wildlife Conservation Network supports conservation entrepreneurs to protect endangered flagship species and preserve their natural habitats. 
56 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Rainforest Rescue Rainforest Rescue
Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally
12 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

36 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting African Wildlife Foundation African Wildlife Foundation
The African Wildlife Foundation works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will endure forever.
55 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Canadian wildlife Federation Canadian wildlife Federation

31 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Elephant Voices Elephant Voices
Elephant Voices is gathering, analyzing and systematizing the acoustic repertoire of free-ranging savanna elephants. Formerly known as Savanna Elephant Vocalization Project
38 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting National Parks Conservation Association (USA) National Parks Conservation Association (USA)
 NPCA plays a  role in ensuring that U.S. national parks are protected in perpetuity.
27 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Amboseli Trust for Elephants Amboseli Trust for Elephants
The African Elephant Conservation Trust is aimed at the conservation of Africa's elephants. The Trust has an endowment fund to support the African Elephant Conservation Trust program.   Now called Amboseli Trust for Elephants
44 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting National Wild Turkey Federation National Wild Turkey Federation
The NWTF is a half million member grassroots, nonprofit organization with members in 14 countries supporting wildlife management and wild turkey hunting . 
1 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a charity for the support of the management of Tsavo and wildlife -particularly Elephants and Black Rhinos, in Kenya.
49 artwork(s) for sale
Nature Art supporting Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc. Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.

73 artwork(s) for sale
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nature conservation
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nature artists
nature artists
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nature artists
nature artists
nature conservation

Aja, Douglas
Anderson , Cher
Armstrong, Rosemarie
Arnett, Stuart
Ascough, Stephen
Bach, Del-Bourree
Banks, Patricia
Barron, Anne
Baselici, Sarah
Belair, Suzanne
Benson, Craig
Berner, Sally
Besse, Linda
Bielanski, Nansi
Billingsley, Cindy
Bomblies, Kirsten
Bork, Beatrice
Bowerman, Barry
Boyce, Peta
Breger, Varda
Brooks, Caroline
Brun, Hilde_Aga
Butler, Rob
Caitens, Michelle
Cameron, Clarence
Chadwick, Gloria
Chandler, Larry
Chunat, Wayne
Cogley, Elizabeth
Condon, RoseMarie
Cooke, Brent
Coombes, Bryan
Corless, Anne
Correll, Reggie
Crowe, Becci
Dansereau, Jodie
Davis, Daniel
deKramer, Karyn
Desjardins, Sara
Dhairyam, Sunita
Dodge, Kelly
Donovan, Tim
Dreelinck, Tania
Dreyer, Rob
Drysdale, Angela
Duffek, Kim
Dunn, Kathleen
DuPuis-Rosen, Linda
Easton, Raymond
Eichler, Theresa
Ellison, Lyn
Erickson, Mary
Erikson, Lynn
Feltner, Linda
Ferguson, Vicki
Fiorentino, James
Fischbein, Karen
Fisher, Cynthie
Foggett, Lindsey
Franson, Sunny
Frazier, Phyllis
Frolking, Chris
Funke, Annika
Gallup, David
Geib, Rick
Gengler-Copple, Deb
Golightly, Paula
Goulding, Fiona
Griffin, Patricia
Grogan, Laura
Gylling, Gemma
Hallett, Mark
Hamanaka, Setsuo
Hamilton, Lorna
Hardcastle, Thomas
Hargreaves, Julia
Harrison-Parsons, Linda
Harvill, Kitty
Haycock, Kathy
Haycock Pittman, Karole
Hayward-Harris, Martin
Heaton, Janet
Heselden, Russ
Hill, LaVerne
Hobson, Edward
Holt, Mary Louise
Hough, James
Hughbanks, Debbie
Hughes, Mike
Ingham, Barry
Ingles, Margaret
Isaac, Terry
Ivanyi, Rachel
Jahme, Graham
Janosik, Jon
Jenvey, Kate
Jessen, Mary Jane
Johnson, David Bruce
Johnson, Kevin
Kamin, Jason
Kappel, Hans
Katrandzhiev, Valentin
Kissinger, Megan
Kitler, David
Knapp, Christine
Kobayashi, Eriko
Koensgen, Joseph
Kopeschny, Barbara
Kurlan, Whitney
LaFogg-Docherty, Deborah
Lantz, Yvette
Latas, Pat
Lear, Sandi
Lidstrom, Esther
Lindamood, Patsy
Lopatin, Vladimir
Lopatina, Olena
Lozeron, Emily
Lutz, Jan
Magill, Craig
Mansell, Patricia
Marshall, Pete
Mathews, Terry
Maynard, Chris
McClelland, Chris
McCune, Michelle
McManiman, Candy
McQueen, Larry
Megahan, John
Middleton, Kim
Milligan, Billy-Jack
Millington, Marti
Morgan, Jason
Munkittrick, Dianne
Murray, Robin
Nash, Ken
Nicholls, Calvin
Nicholls, Alison
Nishino, Kentaro
Nordwall, Solveig
Orlando, Ron
Palmer, Wendy
Pape, Michael
Parkinson, Linda
Parsons, Victoria
Perry, Marcia
Pickering, Pollyanna
Place, Sandra
Plaizier, Ron
Polito, Kay
Popp, Betsy
Prescott, David
Quinn, Stephen
Qureshi, Ahsan
Raffield, Natalie
Rankin, David
Reece, Parks
Renn, Vicki
Rentsch, Werner
Reuter-Twining, Diana
Rogers, Valerie
Rossin, Linda
Saenz, Eleazar
Sainsbury, Jonathan
Scheidt, Bill
Scotchford, Judy
Seerey-Lester, John
Sharkey Thomas, J.
Sheard, Kathleen
Shimeld, Susan
Simmons, Geraldine
Snoots, Karin
Solberg, Morten
Sorensen, Linda
Sorley-Keichinger, Cindy
Sowden, Peggy
Stanley, Eva
Starkevich, Colin
Stewart, James
Stolberger, Sue
Stoltzfus, Zel
Strelive, Uta
Studwell, Judy
Sutton, Linda
Temple, Sandra
Theriault, Colette
Thompson, Martha
Thumbar, Chirag
Toledo, Daniel
Van Rijn, Eva
Vanderpas, Margarethe
Venditti, Jerry
Versteeg, Diane
Vik, Lyn
Walden, Christopher
Walker, Linda
Walsh, Frank
Warner, Val
Watanabe, Yasuo
Weber, Katherine
Weisberg, Kathryn
Wellman, Gregory
Wheeler, Rick
White, Taylor
Whitehouse, Kitty
Wiegmink, Paula
Woodall, Terry
Woodbury, Ellen
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nature conservation
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