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Patricia BanksPatricia Banks   RN, BScN, AFC Patricia Banks
Landscapes, Seascapes & Wildlife PaintingsPatricia Banks

Spring Rush
My paintings always begin with spending time outdoors hiking, looking, absorbing and enjoying the natural environment. I often paint en plein air or take photos of interesting spots while hiking. It was late afternoon in April: cold and rainy. The falls were in deep shade with some brightness up-river. So I photographed the swelling river and falls to use as reference material later, back in my studio.

Spring Rush
I cover the canvas with a thin wash of transparent red oxide and gamsol, followed by a loose sketch to position elements of the painting - background, mid-ground and foreground shapes. At this point, I have already decided I will light the falls and imagine it is a little later in spring when the leaves are out ...

Spring Rush
Continuing to block in colour and define the composition and the main focal point. I am thinking about how the water flows through the granite rock maze, being sure I understand the water's path.

Spring Rush
Now blocking in more colours and shapes, establishing patterns of darks and lights, rhythm and movement.

Spring Rush
Beginning to put some detail in the water - the most fun for me - I love water! More layers and colours on the rocks too.

Spring Rush
Building the layers ... the painting is coming to life ...

Spring Rush
Final details: glazes, highlights, shadows, and softening of the foreground water to lead the viewer's eye back to the main focal point of the mid-ground falls.

The test - I leave the painting on another easel at the end of my studio and look at it from time to time while it dries. If nothing calls my attention, it is finished.

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