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Wildlife, Landscape and Western Art

Background lightinng and basic texturing. Keeping patterns and shading basic in the background puts more emphasis on foreground objects (the subject) when completed.

Middle ground
Trees and plants in the middle ground are completed next, giving more detailed texturing and slightly more vibrant colors to create the illusion of being closer to the viewer. Everything behind my main subject matter is completed before attempting the higher detailed focal points (including the subject.

Foreground - Blocking in
Foreground objects are blocked in with the basic colors I wish to use. This helps in determining darks and lights that will attract the viewer's eye, and reinforces the linear patterns I wish to create to lead the viewer around the painting.

Texturing foreground
Textures and details are added to the my subject (margay cat)prior to any detailing that will appear in front of this, including the fallen log.

Texturing foreground ... continued

Foreground and completion
Once the margay was completed, the log was embellished with local tropical epiphyte (tree-growing)plant species and finally the vines in front of the cat were added.

Completed piece with Jason for an idea of the scale.

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