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Snow Leopard
Here's a large painting that I have just started (May 2006).

As usual for me it's oil on canvas and 32in x 20in.

The creative process has already gone through many stages before I even think about putting any paint on the canvas, from actually visiting the animal, whether that be in a wildlife park, private reserve or the wilds of Africa.

From there I gather my references and think about the composition, lighting and mood I want to convey.

The drawing is then put on the canvas, sealed with a thin acrylic coat and allowed to dry.

Snow leopard painting video
visit my website to see the video - http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk/wildlife-art-video-snow-leopard.html

How to Paint eyes masterclass
Visit here to see videos - http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk/how-to-paint-eyes.html

Adding the paint
The 1st layers of paint are merely blocking in, I am however conscience of painting in the fur direction even at this early stage.

The main challenge of this stage is to achieve a solid form, one which I can build detail and colour variations upon.

African Leopard painting - Video
visit my site to see the video - http://www.jasonmorgan.co.uk/wildlife-art-dvd-leopard.html

More underpainting
Continuation of the blocking in stage

Further blocking in - 19 May 2006
At this stage the first blocking in stage is almost complete. I estimate the painting to be approx 40% completed. Absolutely everything will now be adjusted as I bring the paintng to completion.

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