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Secretary - Secretarybird by Kathryn Weisberg
  Secretary  (2012)
Subject: Secretarybird
Dimensions (inches): 24 x 30
Medium: Oil
Description: Endemic to Africa, the Secretary bird hunts for lizards and snakes in the open grasslands and savannah of the sub-Sahara. It is the only bird of prey predominantly terrestrial habits, they may walk up to 20 miles in a day. Standing up to 4ft tall, it has very long legs, with black feathered thighs. It has a grey body, black feathers & white wing linings, its tail has two black central streamers. Its most distinctive feature are the 20 black crest feathers, resembling quill pens. Because of its gregarious and flamboyant behavior, I have painted this beautiful bird in a regal stance in full display.
Original Available For Sale: Yes
Price: $2,880.00 US

Limited Edition Available: No
Conservation Committment: 15% (Artist commits to donating the indicated portion of proceeds to conservation)
This artwork is dedicated to: African Conservation Foundation  


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