Giant Trevally - Painting - Nature Art by Setsuo Hamanaka

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Marine Wildlife and Seascapes in Oils
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Ronin - Giant Trevally by Setsuo Hamanaka
  Ronin  (2002)
Subject: Giant Trevally
Dimensions (inches): 39.4 x 28.6
Medium: Oil on canvas
Description: Ronin means unemployed Samurai. He doesn't have any master and live alone. Adult Giant Trevally usually live alone too. That's why Giant Trevally's Japanese name is Ronin-aji. Aji means Jacks.
Original Available For Sale: Yes

Limited Edition Available: Yes
Details: Image size 24 x 17 1/3 inches
Edition Size: 100
Price: $300.00 US


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